Log: 21st-30th November 2008
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Didn't get any work done today. Too many things to file and fold, and put away. Things are constantly getting out of hand here, and it's a little daunting to do some of these things when you're only two foot tall and lack and type of grasping appendage besides your mouth.

Luckily there were no incidents today either. That almost brings us to the previous record, six months. Of course, now that I've said this, I've probably jinxed it.

There were some nice things however. The research team involved with SCP-261 were doing some work today and there were some delectable little snacks involved. They didn't seem to want any though, which was their loss really. I'll have to see if they can produce any more. I quite liked those little things.

SCP-244 needs just a little more tweaking. I can feel it though, niggling in the back of my head like something rubbing against the back of my brain. It's really quite disconcerting. I'll have to adjust the connection subtly.

Excavation will continue tomorrow, finally becoming a priority again after having to wade through all that bloody red tape. I'll have to over see some of it, just to make sure that there won't be a recurrence of what happened last time. That would just be irritating.

I did jinx it… Dammit, a record sixteen fatalities in one day. I told them not to touch that damn thing until it had been observed for a bit longer, but nooooo, no-one listens to the dog. Now we're left scraping up the damn mess from the walls and floor and ceilings of at least four rooms and almost a mile of hallways. Well… When I say we, I mean poor bastards with about a month to live. I wouldn't subject even the lowest Level 1 staff to that kind of mess.

Because of that incompetence, my workload has tripled. TRIPLED! Ugh, and I barely get enough sleep as it is. At this rate, I'll be napping while SCP-244 is running between hallways, while I get the machine to start filing papers on automatic, and that'll make me dream of doing paperwork.

Its almost time for the annual harvest of SCP-143. I'm somewhat responsible for the current shortage, and I guess I should help them out with the sweeping and such, but that'll get rid of whatever I have planned for the weekend. Dammit.

The harvesting went faster than I expected. Mostly because I had SCP-244 on automatic while I slept. Gave me some very strange dreams though, and I still have to resist the urge to move an extra pair of arms and fingers that I don't have.

Still doing paperwork regarding that incredible bout of stupidity. And I had such high hopes for the inter Site awards this year. Oh well, I guess we can still make it up for the highest morale award or something…

The excavation is going well, although they have yet to breach the outer shell, and they've destroyed over half their tools already. I think we may need to invest in better materials, or at least expand the budget. I'll have to lobby with O5-██ to get some more funding from that tight fisted bitch.

On a lighter note, I've almost persuaded the command at Bio-Research Area-12 to allow most of the residents more access to entertainment materials and a greater degree of freedom. Some of them just want to go outside every once in a while, and I don't see why they wouldn't be allowed to do so.

Today was okay, I guess. the tide of paperwork, while not subsiding, did substantially lessen. I think I might just dump the rest on someone else's hapless assistant. One of the new ones. They'll be too busy gawking at the talking dog to realize they're being scammed.

Excavation had to halt today. One of the instruments snapped caught a man across the face. They had to evacuate and lockdown the entire plaza just ensure that there was no biological contamination. I dread to think what would have happened if there was. Still, despite this setback, it gives me the perfect opportunity to petition the new budget. I think they'll have to agree.

I've finally gotten around to modifying SCP-244 to my exact specifications. It now at a state where it fits perfectly into my psyche. Still a little odd to have it there, like an out of place piece of furniture, but hey, its worth it.

I've heard of another SCP that could help me with my… condition. I mean, despite all the jokes and such, I actually quite like this form, as it does remind me of her, it's just I lament the lack of colour. Dog eyesight is, well, fairly bad. But utilizing this machine, SCP-291, I'll be able to get get good old colour vision back. Granted, I'll have to be briefly dissembled, then reassembled, but I can deal with that. And I'll have to steal a pair off of a D-Class personnel, but its not like he'll miss them, what being dead and all. I know that sounds cold, but waste not, want not. I think I'll go for a nice brown pair…

Unfortunately, I was unable to compile anything for my log yesterday. Between mass experimentation with SCP-291 (which was highly interesting [and really fun]), and the outbreak of doppelgangers from [DATA EXPUNGED], I didn't really get to write anything.

My eyes have since been replaced though, and I'm happy to say that I can now see in complete colour. I am completely hairless though, but Dr. Rights was nice enough to make me a sweater. Clashes horribly with my suits, but its the thought that counts. In fact, SCP-291 worked that well, and I have such great idea's for it, I think I might just make an assistant with it. Oh good lord, I sound like Dr. Frankenstein, don't I?

I've been trying arrange a large, on site, Thanksgiving dinner for all the staff (even the D-class [What? They only have a few days left to live, they might as well have the proverbial "Last Meal"]) and the residents. I have run into a little trouble with some of them and their eating habits. I'm fairly sure I can't provide any still beating virgin hearts, or "moonlit dew of the Yisthis flower" or somethings I'm fairly sure they don't even have a word for in this dimension, but I've tried my best. I've had a large amount of drinks brought in from SCP-294 and several very large animals (dead of course) brought from SCP-561 for roasts and such. I think it might be nice.

Excavation is still on hold for the next few days while we bring in the new tools. I'm still glad I managed to make that pain in the ass woman crack, although she may have been under a little pressure from the Doppelganger incident. These ones will be made out of SCP-143, although that is why the excavation is so delayed. Takes a while to reform that stuff.

Say… Now there's an idea. I wonder if plants will work when placed within SCP-291… and if not, then maybe after they've been place into SCP-914….

Well, I wasn't able to get to a terminal at all yesterday. The dinner went exceptionally well, despite, the minor casualties and the odd… well, oddness. Dr. Rights flambeed a "Terror Bird" as the main centerpiece using some of SCP-295-1. Tasty, if a little on the crispy side. We had some after dinner treats obtained from that crazy Japanese vending machine, although all of them were checked beforehand if they contained anything insane like antimatter. Again.

But I was talking to Dr. Rights at the dinner, mostly about the disassembler. We got to deep conversation, and possible uses of the device. I told her about my frustration at most common assistants, and at how all that were in my employ were fired within twenty minutes because I couldn't stand them, and about my half hearted plot to make one. She completely agreed with me and spurred me into doing it.

As a direct result, I've been making rounds of the female D-Class personnel lined up for termination within the next few days. I picked several I liked, and those with remarkable healthy physiques, and had them interred into the disassembler and their parts held in storage for when I would finally use them. I realise this an arrogant, cold, almost inhuman action, but I reason it this way. In two days, they're wormfood anyway. This way, they just go to sleep, and part of them lives on. Plus, they're not actually dead, merely in status. With no real prospect in being revived. Still, there's nothing wrong with sleeping forever.

I'll be picking out several more on Monday, and will be talking to Emma about them, and hopefully, by the end of it, have some more fodder for this mad experiment of mine.

I'm going to be trying some experimentation with the extractor, to try and create a suitable soul for her. Oh dear, I really am turning into Dr. Frankenstein, aren't I? Well, either that or my father. He thought he was God too.

The constant stream of paperwork had finally returned to normal, but I've been putting it off these past few days, letting it pile up. I really do hate being such a procrastinator, but its just so monotonous… Hopefully, my assistant will be able to lessen my load somewhat, although if it turns out in anyway that I hope it does, I may not have to any ever again.

Excavation is still on hold for the moment. Tools still aren't ready, and likely won't be so until the end of the week. Until then, I've been going over the plan of action repeatedly, trying to instill it in those idiots thick skulls. And I swear, the first person to screw up I will personally kill. That is, if we're not all already dead.

I spent the majority of yesterday and today experimenting with the extractor, and overseeing the processing of the personnel I chose as material for the project.

The experimentation with the extractor is going very well, despite it taking longer than I anticipated. I've almost gotten the wanted result, but it might take a little longer to fix it completely to the way I want it. As I always say, either you do it right, or you don't do it at all. Besides, being a perfectionist actually helps in this job. It stops you from screwing up and getting killed.

Obtaining the raw materials for this project was a little… disheartening. It's one thing marching people off to their death, but the thing is, I personally never had to deal with that part of their spectrum, but now that I see these people… I have to say, it does strike a certain chord in me. But then again I reason, these people were not blameless for their current situation. I read over the files of the subjects I picked. Multiple acts of homicide, with varying acts of brutality and inhumanity involved therein. While I can't say that these women necessarily deserve what has or will happen to the, I can say it was their own actions that set them on this road to begin with.

I'll be talking with Emma tomorrow or the next day, so I was sure to get her something nice in advance. Children always work better with a little bit of a bribe (chocolate in this case), and besides, its about time we started researching the true potential and usability of her abilities.

Of course, word of my actions regarding this new project have gotten around, eliciting mixed responses. Some of them won't look at me, thinking I'm "going too far". Others have lauded my work, showing true interest. Yet more have tried to attach themselves sycophantically to me, hoping to ride my coat tails on whatever rise the believe this will take me. One fellow, an assistant of Dr. Gears, Arctic, or Penguin, or Iceberg or something, has taken to saying things like "Hello Dr. Frankenstein" in a cheesy pseudo Mid-European accent every time I pass him in the corridors. I'd reprimand him, but I can't help but chuckle every time I hear him say that. It beats the usual cracks about my physique.

Also, when I mentioned this new project and what I was planning to do about it, a fellow researcher pointed me towards this site. He said that the concepts they touched on with constructs, while make believe, would be quite interesting if actually implemented. I looked at the thing and laughed. Granted, it was well written and drawn, but it was still a flight of pure fancy. Not research material, but it amused me enough to invest some time reading it in my rare moments of freedom.

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