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List of recurring personnel and SCPs used by SCP-361

Card: 0, The Fool
Subject: [REDACTED]
Description: [REDACTED] is seen strolling down a corridor, blissfully unaware that under his feet the corridor is dissolving into a stream of butterflies, apparently SCP-408. SCP-530 is following closely at his heels.

Card: 1, The Magician
Subject: Kain Pathos Crow
Description: Kain is the central figure, seated in SCP-244. He is holding up SCP-831 in his right paw. On a table before him are SCP-572, SCP-427, the pot from SCP-294, and what appears to be a well chewed bone.

Card: 2, The High Priestess
Subject: SCP-808
Description: SCP-808 is seen dressed in a flowing black gown, seated in front of SCP-914 with the input chamber to her left, and the output chamber to her right. At her feet is SCP-184

Card: 6, The Lovers
Subject: SCP-076 and SCP-182
Description: Able stands on a pile of fallen bodies, sword in one hand obviously bloody from prolonged battle, free hand reaching towards the sky. Behind him appears to be a burning landscape, with little recognizable, which fades into a night sky with thick fluffy clouds. Emerging over the edge of one cloud is Saint, one hand holding the edge while the other reaches for Able’s. While their hands are close, the viewer feels the knowledge that they will never quite touch.

Card: 7, The Chariot
Subject: Dr. Kondraki
Description: Dr. Kondraki is seen wearing armor like that made of SCP-143, and holding a sword resembling SCP-193 in his right hand. He seems to be riding upon SCP-682.

Card: 12, The Hanged Man
Subject: Dr. Bright
Description: Upon a cross made of living wood (ie, with leaves), Dr. Bright is suspended by one ankle from a length of rope. His arms are crossed behind his back, and one leg bends behind the other to make a fylfot cross shape. Upon his chest is SCP-963, with soft rays of light emanating from it, and a glowing nimbus surrounds his head. His face remains calm, suspended between worlds of the living (tree and rope) and the ethereal (963 and the nimbus).

Card: 14, The Devil
Subject: Dr. Rights
Description: Dr. Rights sits upon a throne made of carved rock, elevated from the ground. SCP-346 hovers over her head, holding an inverted pentagram in its claws. Her right hand is raised, and in her left hand is a lit torch that is apparently constructed of SCP-457, inverted towards the ground. At her feet, a nude man and a nude woman are chained to the bottom of the stone chair, Both showing signs of having limbs or parts of limbs replaced by those of other creatures.

Card: 16, The Tower
Subject: SCP-682
Description: A tower of marble stands on a rocky outcrop. A storm rages in the skies above, lightning cracking around a central figure in the clouds who appears to be SCP-693, one bolt arcing from his palm to the top of the tower and beginning to crumble the stone. SCP-682 curls around the bottom of the tower, reptilian jaws parting in a roar as claws tear gouges in the marble. Blood splashes upon the spire from an unknown source are lit from the lightning’s glare.

Major Arcana:
List Complete
Bright/Hanged Man

181/Wheel of Fortune

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