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699-A2: List and synopsis of “stories” read aloud

Test 1: Tall Tales – This tome contained a series of short stories, each of which featured one of the six D-class test subjects as the main characters. The six stories ranged in theme from western to comedy to a mix of others, but all featured common ideas presented in most “Tall Tale” themed literature. One story of note involved the D-class personnel taking on a persona similar to that of Paul Bunyan, though rather than felling trees they chopped down large fungal growths on an alien world and built structures with the fungus with the aid of a large, sentient, variably legged slime mold. All D-class subjects displayed suicidal bouts of depression after waking upon realizing the loss of their story given abilities and the further realization that none of it had actually happened. All individuals were terminated as their month long rotation was only two days away from expiring.

Test 2: The Horror – This story centered on the invasion of a small town in Montana by a group of rabid creatures resembling Bigfoot. The creatures managed to kill off four of the five participating D-class personnel in the story, and those individuals were determined to be deceased within moments of their deaths in the storyline. The surviving subject displayed incredulity upon waking and was confused to the point of hysteria. The subject was given a powerful amnesiac and was later dismembered in routine Keter cleanup duty of SCP-███.

Test 3: Harlequin Romance – This story was very similar to those described by known romance novels, however, set in a pirate themed world. Most of the D-class personnel perished along the way in the story, dieing at the hands of one another as they vied for the love of the Queen that had sent them out to battle the pirates, or as pirates fighting to win the love of an especially ruthless pirate captain named Hal Hardscrabble. The female pirates who fell for Hal in this tale were notably not treated any differently from any of the other pirates, and acted much as any other pirate might be expected to except for their affectations for Hal. The tale ended with both the Queen and Hal finding a suitable mate amongst the D-class personnel participating, though both Hal and his love perished at the hands of the Queen and her suitor. Upon waking, the surviving individuals, as in test one, displayed deep depression and suicidal tendencies when they realized it had all been a fiction. The two surviving personnel were terminated as they frequently attempted to harm themselves whenever not under heavy guard.

Test 4: Space Voyage – This tale featured a crew of men and women D-class personnel fighting a war against a sentient cloud of gas encountered upon a scouting mission in deep space. No mention of Earth is made in the tale. The story was long and riveting, featuring many space battles with large gun ships, love triangles, murder, and even political intrigue. The tale ended with the destruction of a full fleet of ships that eventually became involved in the fight against the sentient cloud of gas. Only one individual survived and the story ended with their crash landing upon an alien world. The subject, upon waking, displayed confusion, but managed to get themselves under control rather quickly. They passed a rigorous psychological screening and were reassigned to a Safe level SCP for the remaining duration of their rotation. However, after a few days of observed good behavior, they descended into a rage, claiming that the sentient cloud had “absorbed them as it had so many before” and that “none of this is real.” The individual was terminated in a brief gunfight in cafeteria 1 on level █ of site ██. An incident report can be viewed with approval from one level 2 overseer of SCP-699 in document 699-IR1

-note: D-class personnel involved in tests 1-4 were not told of what to expect upon contact with the tomes contained within SCP-699. Further tests are pending whereupon subjects will be informed, though not fully, of SCP-699’s effects. – Dr. Mirth

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