A Note From The Creator

I suppose the first thing I'm going to say is sorry for not asking for permission first. (Edit: I guess also for not PMing Clef about his new ownership.)

This leads into my second statement, which is that I'm shy. Incredibly so. In fact, if you looked up my username, you'd get several accounts on several websites, not one of which has a single post. This is why I didn't ask first, as well as why I'm still not a member of the main site.

I didn't do this for nostalgia (the only deleted article I remember was 1. created on Wikidot and 2. not actually deleted), but I'm happy that I brought it to others.

I'm handing Master Administrator over to Clef, since I get out of my internship in two weeks and I won't have the time or the interest for this anymore. However, I'll stay on as an MIA admin.

Clef, do whatever you want, change the rules, whatever. Goodbye, everyone.

-DoctorAkimbo (the "Doctor" is an unfortunate coincidence)

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