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A list of the suits discovered follows:

SCP-810-01: Codenamed "Pestilence", it was the first suit that came to our attention. It was found wandering in the Las Vegas desert on ██████ ██████ from Madison, Wisconsin. The man himself was near death and insane, his belly was distended due to tapeworms, (the suit itself covered it, although it stretched far enough that fabric underneath was shown in between) his teeth and face were covered in a type of mutated fungus, and his brain was almost entirely devoured by bacteria. He was infected with almost every disease on earth. We watched, monitoring his vital signs, and after he died the suit continued walking for approximately an hour. Then four agents moved in. When they neared, the suit ejected the man (who hit the ground and exploded in a highly deadly dust of rotted meat and contagions) and attached itself to Agent Willtucker. Willtucker immediately dropped to his knees and began drinking out of a puddle of dirty water. Communication revealed that he had absolutely no control over what he was doing. There was an attempt at restraining him, but he threw aside the three agents with super strength, launching them over 20 meters, killing two of them. He then continued towards at military base that had been designing and experimenting on viral weapons such as smallpox and the bubonic plague while rubbing cow dung on his face. Through coordination with the base's defenses, an assault was launched. However, Pestilence resisted two air strikes and a direct tank shot to the chest, and was not hindered. It also revealed at this time to be able to project a bolt of energy from its unfurled hand. When it entered the installation it moved over to several containers and inserted a small needle that had extended from its forearm into a virus vial. It did the same to all the other containers with various needles that had popped out of its fingers, removing samples into Willtucker. At this point, command had decided to lure 810-01 into a more secure location and dispensed canisters of various confidential and rare diseases (some of them SCPs) into a path leading towards a Foundation site. Pestilence followed these and when entered into the site, was put into a full lock down room. Security, however, was not tested; to pacify it we simply put more contagions in the air for it to sample. After a few months however, we ran out of diseases to give it and keep it occupied and it blasted through the ceiling and flew away.

In the search for 810-01 the Earth was scanned from [DATA EXPUNGED] allowing us to pinpoint anything composed in the same way out of its unique blend of materials. We were positive that anything located would be the suit, for its elements and way they interacted was not found in nature or in anything designed by man. However, not one, but eight suits [DATA EXPUNGED]. They were located in Antarctica, ████████████ Peru, █████████ Italy, ████ Mongolia, ██████ Syria, the Marianas Trench, the Brazilian Amazon, and ███ ██████ ████████████. Task forces were sent to Antarctica and Peru at the same time, and then a week later to Italy. Expeditions are still being planned for the rest, but recon work and observation have determined [DATA EXPUNGED]


Item: SR-SCP-810-02

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Task Force Echo-1 is to accompany 810-02 on its journey in a B3-TW Winter Type Convoy. Directly surrounding 810-02 are to be three small vehicles filled with sedated D class personnel. These personnel must be picked for their non violent tendencies. They can also not harbor any vindictiveness towards The Foundation. If the three rovers can not be filled in time with personnel who meet these standards, loyal agents or doctors will take their place. The vehicles are to be the closest to SCP-810-02, no one else is to enter any nearer. All information is to be relayed to Antarctic Site 3. If at any moment SCP-810-02 seems to be nearing the end of its experiment [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-810-02 is fitted with a tracker, resistant to the cold.

Description: SCP-810-02, codenamed "Frostbite" was located in Antarctica 2,000 miles away from the center, walking in a relatively straight line towards a mountain in the near vicinity. The human inside was dead at first contact, but after a hour of observation, vital signs were observed. At the same time as resurrection, electrical energy was noticed in the front of the suit and in the helmet. The wearer was suffering from extreme hypothermia and frostbite (95 percent of his body blackened and six fingers and three toes fallen off) and despite the fact that he was fully sealed, experienced the effects of the severe wind chill as well. This was discovered to be because tiny vents could open and close on the suit, allowing parts of the environment to affect the wearer. Later on, another more efficient step in this direction was revealed; the suit itself could separate its atoms, and turn itself intangible, while still holding together and functioning, making any experience surveyed by the suit on the wearer's body even more realistic, as if the subject was actually walking naked.

On ██/██/██ the suit ejected the corpse inside and launched itself towards a trailer in the convoy. It ripped it open on the side and seized Doctor Mygerin, forcing her inside the suit. This confirmed the theory that the suit grabbed the closest person, and the current containment procedures were put into place.

Although the suit is heading towards a specific mountain and researchers believe that when the suit reaches this area it will go somewhere else completely, it is not simply a linear number of days before it will disappear. Frostbite often pauses, doubles back, buries itself in snow, stimulates specific parts of the wearer's body, opens and closes different vents, and takes its time. When it completes its mission could be anywhere from [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 1 ██/██/██: See Document 810-02-XX-4

Document 810-02-XX-4: A new containment procedure has been devised, due to changes in the situation. After two months, the suit reached the top of plateau, ejected its occupant, obtained a new one, and flew into the sky. Tracking shows that before all transmissions were lost it was heading towards the outskirts of the solar system. After a few days, a comet was observed heading towards Earth. It was a large block of ice with 810-02 almost fully encased inside, only its legs sticking out, folded backwards. Using these, it shot twin jets, propelling it forward. As it seemed it could not escape and was at a disadvantage, the ██████████ was sent to retrieve it before it melted; unfortunately, [DATA EXPUNGED].

Special Containment Procedures: (Version Two) SCP-810-02 is to be kept in a cryogenic freezing tank. The solution inside is to be made up of ██████████ to kept the original ice chunk fully frozen and ██████ above to [DATA EXPUNGED] The room itself is inimical to life because of the low temperature but workers can enter temporarily in protective suits to check if everything is working and it is connected both to the site's power source and the backup generator.

SCP-810-03: SCP-810-03 codenamed "Heatstroke" was found in a small high attitude village in ████████████ Peru, standing perfectly still in the middle of of the town, arms and legs spread out, directly under the sun. Natives said he had wandered into the village around a week ago and assumed the position, not altering it ever since. He was suffering from extreme sunburn and dehydration, although it was determined that at rare intervals water was delivered intravenously. He was delirious, but villagers said he had spoken both English and the local language earlier. They said he was a professor and doctor from America, in the area for some sort of study. The natives had attempted to give him water, but since his face was covered by a metal plate they could not; their attempts to pour it into the vents failed as well. When they tried to cover him in shade, a wave of [DATA EXPUNGED]


Item: SR-SCP-810-04

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A tracking device is to be attached to SCP-810-04's leg. The replacement for the wearer of SCP-810-04 is to be kept in the room next door to the SCP's cell at all times. Doing testing, the replacement must be the closest person to the suit, everyone else either observing at a distance or touching with lengthened tools, and if at all possible the replacement should be chained or similarly attached to the SCP's side at all times. If this is not feasible, because the testing involves deadly energies, flight, or other harmful circumstances, the test is not to be performed at the near end of the wearer's life cycle. The replacement can not be a class D personnel. Replacements are to be analyzed for extreme loyalty to the Foundation. Coercive memetic agents and engineered false personalities are recommended. Requests to use the suits ability for strategic and beneficial means is to be reviewed by a committee of 12 Overseers, preferably the heads of The Foundation.

The wearer of the SCP-810-04 is not to be tested and put on any missions a week after first coming into contact with the suit, because of the tendency for hallucinations, madness, and decreased control of the suits capabilities over time. Instead they are to be confined to their cell and comforted as best as possible. If they will not heed persuasion and attempt to leave. Memetic kill or control agents are to be activated. If the theory proves correct that the same devices that prevent REM sleep also prevent the effects of any mental illnesses besides those caused by the lack of said REM sleep, then 810-04 is unstoppable by our current means and a TA-end of the world class scenario is to be declared.

Description: SCP-810-04 codenamed "Insomniac" was found on a man in ████████████ Italy. The man was sitting at a table, staring of into space. It took several tries to get his attention. The man's wife said he had gradually entered this state over the course of three months, since the suit only allowed him small naps. When he became focused enough to speak to us, he said at first he had thought the suit was a gift and had enjoyed its many abilities. But soon, after many days of no sleep, he had become exhausted and regretted ever finding it. The suit, through use of its neural pathway system, completely prevented REM. After a long period of only small bouts of rest, the man became too apathetic to use the suit and fell into deep depression and lethargy. In a month he became fully catatonic. The suit ejected him and found a new victim.

Addendum 1 ██/██/██: See Interview 2 with Merculo Capote

Interview 2 with Merculo Capote:

Merculo Capote: At first I was like a little boy again, flying through the spring air, prancing in the meadows, running around. It was joy. The whole world was open to me. The first night I didn't even try to go to sleep, I was to busy, sprinting, can you believe it, sprinting from my home to Africa. Just for the heck of it. But then…

Doctor Donalds: Yes?

Merculo Capote: Then it all darkened. At first I thought it was just because i was to excited. and that was true. I would lay in bed and just jitter, waiting so I could get back in the game and do something amazing. But after four days, I knew…. I knew I was cursed. I tried to take it off. I tried to kill myself. It wouldn't even let me attempt. I would go to grab a knife and then suddenly my hand would freeze. Or I would try to drown myself and the helmet would close shut. Throw myself off a cliff I'd just land and bounces, not a scratch on me. The color drained out of the world. O can't even think anymore…. I don't… I forgot what's happening sometimes… so now… here I sit.

Doctor Donalds: Can you still control the suit?

Merculo: I don't care… I just don't…


I tried a week ago to fly. I could do it, but I was so distracted and unfocused it kept bumping all over the place. It seemed harder to do. It was straining…. tiring…

Addendum 2 ██/██/██: See Document 810-04-XX-21

Document 810-04-XX-21: Since the wearer of Insomniac can do everything besides sleep, this suit proves to be the best choice for trial. Here is a list of the several secondary endowments the suit provides. It should be noted that these can only be used at full capacity when the wearer is in perfect mental conditional; when their mind degenerates due to lack of sleep, the amount of actions they can do with the suit narrows as well and those left become sloppy and imperfect. A quick thought process is linked to what can be gotten out of the suit and it would take a extremely dexterous mind and months of practice and training to discover its utmost limits, which unfortunately is impossible.


Addendum 3 ██/██/██: Document 810-04-XX-13

Document 810-04-XX-13: The suits experiments are changing, becoming more varied. Now it is different on each person. Sometimes it lets them sleep then prematurely awakes them, doesn't allow any form of rest at all, or pumps them full of stimulants, has them crash, and then repeats the cycle over and over again.

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