Agent Performance Evaluation 11647

HK-016 » Agent Performance Evaluation 11647

Logged: 08.10.17.F.16:41:09

Subject: Hunter-Killer Agent #016 (designation HK-016)
Affiliation: Foundation
Unit: N/A
Subordinates: 0
Security Clearance: Level 3
Special authorizations: N/A
Permissible collateral damage: $45,000 and/or .33 civilian deaths per mission

Recommendation: Retain, no pay increase

Current status: Wounded In Action Active duty


Subject is a human male of mixed Mexican, Chicano and Caucasian descent, approximate age 30, born ██.██.██ to unknown parents and abandoned in the vicinity of South Central Los Angeles. Subject was taken in by and grew up in a parochial orphanage but attended public school, becoming equally fluent in English and Spanish. Subject displayed high intelligence, excelling in primary and secondary school, quickly progressing and diversifying his studies to include martial arts, creative writing and music. Despite asocial tendencies, subject was awarded an academic scholarship to University of ██████████, ██████████ and graduated in five years with a BS degree in Botany.

Subject enlisted in LAPD immediately after graduating and served with distinction for several years, eventually advancing to SWAT duty, where he received sniper training. Subject was vetted and recruited for SCP service, and entered service shortly thereafter as a standard armed operative (SAO status). Displaying high proficiency in combat and infiltration, subject received Hunter-Killer specialty training and was promoted to this position, gaining authorization to act independently in the field. Subject was originally designated HK-075 but was redesignated HK-016 when previous HK-016 was killed in action circa 08.02.29.

Subject has meshed well with SCP service thus far. Subject is generally well-liked among fellow agents and research staff and is known for being a calming influence under duress. Despite this, subject has demonstrated an aversion to leadership positions and prefers to work alone when in the field. Subject has expressed interest in pursuing a graduate-level scientific degree and eventually joining the SCP research team, if and when he becomes "too old for this James Bond schtick."
See Mission History for operational statistics.



Arabic (Cairene)
Manually Coded English


Modern small arms (all)
Knife combat
Krav Maga
Muay thai
Northern Praying Mantis kung fu
Shotokan karate


Small vehicles (all)
Improvised chemical synthesis, including drugs and explosives
Seafaring and navigation
Wilderness and urban survival
Working knowledge of most terrestrial plants
High level of physical fitness (126/100 on Operative Physical Aptitude Test)


Subject exhibits distinct lack of mathematical prowess at or above college level. Subject is to be allowed access to a graphing calculator.
Subject apparently has an excellent memory. Further testing recommended.


Missions to date: 37
Missions successful: 32
Missions failed: 5
Acquisition: 25 (21:4)
Search-and-destroy: 6 (5:1)
Contact: 5 (5:0)
Scout: 1 (1:0)

Reports submitted: 12

Injuries sustained: 24
Deaths sustained: 0
Enemy kills: 89 claimed, 61 of 89 confirmed
Friendly kills: 2 claimed, 0 of 2 confirmed
Civilian kills: 15 claimed, 15 of 15 confirmed, 12 of 15 absolved

It is recommended that subject be reserved for combat operations in the near future. Special Retrieval Operations is still short-handed from recent events, and missions requiring this skill set number in the dozens at any given time.
Subject's overall mission performance ranks around the 70th percentile for HK agents, and the 95th percentile for all operatives.

Subject has a history of avoiding mandatory psychological evaluations, citing vague excuses when questioned. Such infractions are not to be tolerated in the future, as the onset of unforeseen mental disorder in an HK agent could be extremely dangerous. It should be noted, however, that all test results to date have been unequivocal in approving subject for field work.

Subject has requested an increase in annual vacation time, owing to the stressful nature of his work. Request on hold pending further evaluation.

Heavy weapons are not to be distributed in future unless subject can articulate a clear and specific reason WHY he needs them. Many of the medium-ordinance items requested have been used without just cause, incurring considerable property damage. Civilian casualties have been fairly light to date, but are bound to increase if these habits are allowed to continue. Casualties incurred in pursuit of Keter-class objects are permissible to a degree. Of greater significance is subject's apparent lack of regard for civilian safety. Recommend requiring more detail in mission reports.

Subject has been reprimanded officially for all disciplinary and judgmental lapses. In brief, we are shortening his leash. As Hunter-Killer agents are partially selected for improvisation and ingenuity, this should not hamper his operational capabilities to any great degree, and may in fact help to keep operations within budget parameters.


Please note that this list is incomplete, as some missions are still fully classified at this time.


x4 GLOCK 20 10mm semiautomatic pistol (granted)
x12 15-round 10x25mm box magazine (granted)
x1000 10x25mm ammunition, ball type (granted)

x1 Heckler & Koch MP5/10 10mm submachine gun (granted)
x3 30-round 10x25mm box magazine (granted)
x1000 10x25mm ammunition, ball type (granted)

x6 11.75" KA-BAR fighting knife, partially serrated, black (granted)

x1 M32 Multi-Grenade Launcher (pending)
x60 40mm grenades, HE (pending)

x11kg Semtex high explosive (granted)

x15kg Thermate incendiary agent, unpackaged (granted)

x20 AN-M14 TH3 thermate incendiary grenade (granted)

x60 M67 fragmentation grenade (granted)

x1 SCP-127 (denied)

x1 Barrett XM500 .50 caliber semiautomatic rifle (granted)
x2 10-round .50 BMG box magazine (granted)
x40 .50 BMG ammunition, FMJ (granted)
x10 .50 BMG ammunition, Armor-Piercing Explosive Incendiary (granted)

x1 PGM Mini-Hecate .338 LM Rifle
x100 .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition, FMJ (granted)


x1 Bell AH-1 SuperCobra attack helicopter, standard armament (granted)
x650L fuel (granted)

x1 2004 Honda Accord EX-V6 (granted)
unlimited fuel (granted as of 08.10.14.T)


x3 CBRN Hazmat suit (granted)

x2 USMC Modular Tactical Vest (granted)
x4 Type III ESAPI ballistic plate (granted)

x1 SCP-372 (pending)

x2 40m 11mm kernmantle climbing rope (granted)
x1 10m 4cm tubular nylon webbing (granted)
x2 rescue figure eight descender (granted)
x6 locking D carabiner (granted)
x6 non-locking D carabiner (granted)

x2 12L diving cylinder (granted)
x1 BP/W buoyancy compensation device, black (granted)
x4 2' dive fins, black (granted)
x2 polycarbonate dive mask (granted)
x1 neoprene wetsuit, black (granted)
x2 diving regulator (granted)

x1 pair generation IV night vision goggles (granted)

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