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Debriefing Log ████-███
Subject: Dr. Raven Mackenzie

Attached files are debriefing transcripts taken after the █████████ ███ Event; transcripts of debriefings occurring between dates █/█/██ and █/██/██.

File 15 of 24: Video Transcript ████-███-9 - Debriefing Interview
Date: █/██/██
Administering Personnel: Dr. ████ ██████ and Dr. █████ ███████

Interrogation room 4 at Site ██. Dr. Mackenzie is sitting at the table, though the image on the video recording is blurred, as with all recordings of its type. Two security personnel are visible at the edge of the camera's field of view, and several sealed evidence bags are on the table. Dr. ██████ and Dr. ███████ enter, the former placing a large file folder onto the table before sitting down to face Dr. Mackenzie.

Dr. ██████: How are you feeling this morning?

Dr. Mackenzie: Tired. Haven't slept since coming.

Dr. ██████: I can see that. Maybe we could requisition some-

Dr. Mackenzie: No. It won't help.

Dr. ██████ clears his throat and skims briefly through the file he brought in with him.

Dr. ██████: Dr. ███████ and I have been reviewing your previous debriefing files, and we had a few additional questions we'd like to ask you.

Dr. Mackenzie sighs.

Dr. Mackenzie: Fine, go ahead.

Dr. ███████: I understand that you were a field researcher for the G.O.C., is that correct?

Dr. Mackenzie nods.

Dr. ███████: Now, I believe we have enough information about your… attributes, at this point. I'd just like to ask you about the circumstances around which you gained them.

Dr. Mackenzie appears slightly agitated, and lets out a long sigh.

Dr. Mackenzie: Fine.

Dr. ███████: Can you describe the circumstances leading up to this event?

Dr. Mackenzie pauses for several seconds before beginning to speak.

Dr. Mackenzie: We… our team, that is… we were sent out to destroy a KTE. It was entirely routine, as far as we were concerned. Orders come in, we get sent out to deal with them.

Dr. ██████: Can you describe your team?

Dr. Mackenzie: There were twelve of us… six field agents, four researchers, and two observers.

Dr. ██████: Can you tell us anything about the other members of your team?

Dr. Mackenzie: They weren't… I mean, I didn't… I didn't really know any of them that well. We have to act behind the Foundation's back, you realize, so we rarely got as much done as we wanted to. Missions were few and far between. I… I really didn't…

Dr. Mackenzie appears to be fighting back tears.

Dr. ███████: Umm, let's come back to that later. Did you know anything about the SCP… the KTE, I mean, before you encountered it?

Dr. Mackenzie: N-no… all we knew was that it was a level 3, a moderate threat that needed to be dealt with as soon as possible…

Dr. ███████: Can you give us an outline of your mission?

Dr. Mackenzie: We were deployed on ████ ███, to a farm outside of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Our agents had been observing the KTE for barely a week, and the Foundation hadn't found out due to how remote the place was. Command wanted us to get rid of it before anyone could interfere, so they sent us in… sent us in with barely any knowledge about it.
When we got there, we saw what happened to the family there… what they had become… w-we saw what they'd…

Dr. Mackenzie becomes incoherent for a moment.

Dr. ███████: Can you describe the object you encountered?

Dr. Mackenzie: I-I'm not sure… I mean, we could see it clearly, it looked like it was blurry all over… it was just floating there, about a meter off the ground.

Dr. ██████: What happened that triggered the event?

Dr. Mackenzie: I'm… I'm not entirely sure. The staff were uncomfortable, and we weren't sure what to do, but Chris… the team leader… he said that he was under orders to destroy it as quickly as possible so we could bug out before anyone else found us out.

Dr. ██████: …and?

Dr. Mackenzie: We had plenty of weapons… so he got his people into two fire teams… and then they just… they just opened fire…

Dr. ███████: What happened at that point?

Dr. Mackenzie begins to visibly shake.

Dr. Mackenzie: I… I just don't know… it started glowing, and there was this blinding flash… and then there was the screaming… the blood and the pieces of…

Dr. ███████: Is there anything specific you remember? Anything at all?

Dr. Mackenzie: It… I think it was "bending" everything around us, and us with it… some of us died quickly, and they were the lucky ones. It just tore them apart, they were all over the field. The rest… the rest weren't so lucky…

Dr. ██████: What can you tell us about the others?

Dr. Mackenzie is shaking more noticeably, and is having trouble speaking.

Dr. Mackenzie: T-they w-were… oh God, they were all messed up… like they'd been thrown into.. into some kind of Picasso p-painting… and… and they were merged into everything around them… Lily was ripped open, and you could see her… you could s-see her with p-pieces of her equipment all th-through…

Dr. Mackenzie breaks down into uncontrollable crying.

Dr. ███████: Dr. Mackenzie-

Dr. Mackenzie: …Oh God, why can't you unders-stand..? They tore us all up inside… everyone else died, but-

Dr. ██████: Dr. Mackenzie, we need you to-

Dr. Mackenzie: -we had always… always p-promised we'd be together… and he was covering me, trying to protect me-

Dr. ███████: -security! We need-

Dr. Mackenzie: -don't even know who I am! I can feel both of us inside… both of us in here-

Security personnel restrain Dr. Mackenzie, who is incoherent. Additional debriefing interviews scheduled.

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