Birthday Cheer
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Have you ever wondered why people celebrate their birthdays? It's a strange ritual, where people gather and shower someone with gifts, simply to celebrate another year passing, another year closer to death. The truth stems from a far more frightening and bizarre reason. It occurred centuries ago, in a small village in Europe.

Every year, on the sixth of August, a wave of bloody murders would strike the village. People would be found in their homes, dead with the skin flayed from their bones and hanging from the ceiling. Years passed, and the people would cower in fear at that day. Eventually, they decided that something must be done, and tried to discover the cause of the murders.

It was found that the murders all occurred on the anniversary of a certain child's birth. The child in question, more beast than human, had an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Despite the villager's best efforts, the child could not be stopped,
and would continue the mindless slaughter every year. While the child evaded every attempt to have it killed, the people discovered it could be placated by an annual tribute, a yearly offering of trinkets and coins. Other villages caught wind of the monstrous child, and paranoia swept across them, fear that another child could be born amongst them.

After decades went by the fear and revulsion caused by the child was forgotten, but the ritual of gifts remained. Every birthday ever celebrated is a direct homage to the pain and suffering caused by a horrific monster, a tribute to a terrible time of cannibalism and torture.

Happy birthday.

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