Catalyst's Proposal
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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Origin

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 must be kept surround with as many possible recovered and contained SCP class artefacts. If SCP-001 shows signs of a growth rate over the amount stated in Alpha Document - 12, all foreign located SCP class artefacts are to be moved immediately to within 1 kilometre of SCP-001 until such time that growth is halted and reversed. No procedure exists for containing growth if the above procedure fails to have effect. If this happens another origin event occurs.

History: In 1932, the origin event took place. The exact date is not known as the events effect were slow to build up. After a period of ~6 months, SCP class artefacts began to appear around the globe. SCP-001 was found in central America in 1933 but the purpose and effects of SCP-001 were not know until some time later.

Description: SCP-001 takes the appearance of a large underground facility located in Central America. The facility contains room and equipment necessary to contain SCP class artefacts. SCP-001 grows at a slow rate with rooms coming into existence instantaneously but taking some weeks to show up. If the growth rate increases too much another origin event occurs. The origin event has occurred 3 recorded times, first time creating Safe class objects, second time creating Euclid class objects and the third time creating Keter class objects.

Out side SCP-001 it appears as a standard unground storage facility with a large number 19 painted on each of the 3 entrances.

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