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A portion of SCP-360 is visible in the bottom right corner of the this White House stock photo, slightly out of focus.

Acquisition of SCP-360

SCP-360 was stolen out of the White House Oval Office on 10/09/2004 by Agent ██████, posing as a member of the United States Secret Service at the time. Agent ██████ had inadvertently touched SCP-360 and immediately recognized the unusual effect it had on him, after which he procured it without incident. Mundane speculation (see 1, 2, 3) regarding the decline in George W. Bush's speaking ability was also disseminated as a precaution.

Addendum: George W. Bush has exhibited little improvement since being freed from daily exposure to SCP-360. Pictures show him using it as a paperweight, making it likely he was in close proximity to and came into direct physical contact with SCP-360 almost daily since he acquired it in 1996. It is possible that over the course of years, a high degree of exposure to SCP-360 may result in permanent impairment. - Dr. ██████

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