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Declassified log of former Agent DMB, prior to her classification as SCP-555. All declassified information regarding former Agent DMB has been combined into this log. See log ██████ and SCP-555 for remaining data.

Begin log.

07/09/1971: ███████ ███████ ████████ is born in Tokyo, Japan.

03/14/1992: ███████ ███████ ████████ joins the foundation, replacing Agent █████ following his death in the termination procedures for SCP-███. She receives the codename Agent DMB.

04/25/1997: Agent DMB co-discovers SCP-███. Fellow Agents note her unusually heightened interest in the device. Agent DMB was briefly put under surveillance under suspicion of “SCP- fever.” Such suspicions proved unfounded and surveillance was removed after the third week.

Note from Dr. ██████████ : The surveillance logs have been removed after we caught several D-class personnel watching the logs of Agent DMB in the shower for "personal reasons." Apparently they weren’t the first to use the logs for such purposes.

06/19/1997: Agent DMB is partnered with Agent ████.

01/21/1998: Agents DMB and ████ discover SCP-███. Dr. ██████████ is put in charge of the research team which uncovered SCP-███’s various properties some time later.

05/13/1999: Agents DMB and ████ investigate reports of unknown phenomena in an archaeological dig near the Dead Sea. Both agents carry [DATA RECLASSIFIED] for protection, suspecting a sentient and violent entity based on eyewitness reports. Both Agents encountered what would later be classified as SCP-███. Agent DMB called for a mobile task force to neutralize SCP-███, and later described the phenomena as “Malevolent, uncontainable, and disturbing." Agent ████ reported that Agent DMB was highly agitated afterwards.

07/24/1999: Agent ████ requested that Agent DMB be put under surveillance once again, stating that she was "unwell" and "possibly dangerous."

07/28/1999: Agent DMB requests that her partnership with Agent ████ be terminated. Dr. ██████████ suggests that Agent DMB suspects Agent ████ of putting her under surveillance. Agent DMB’s request is denied.

8/16/1999: Dr. ██████████ notes that Agent DMB is "in poor health" and "under a great deal of stress." Dr. ██████████ suggests Agent DMB take a mandatory vacation. Agent DMB eventually complies.

08/19/1999-09/19/1999: During this period, Agent DMB is believed to have created several items which would later gain SCP-classification through unknown means, including [DATA RECLASSIFIED].

09/20/1999: Agent DMB returns from her vacation. Both Agent ████ and Dr. ██████████ note that her condition does not appear to have improved.

Note from Dr. ██████████ : It was at this point that I suspected Agent DMB of having gone completely off the deep end. I regret having not said anything at the time. I have no excuse.

09/29/1999: Security logs show Agent DMB near the main vault at Facility TC119. Agent DMB appeared on the cameras for approximately nine seconds, then vanished. However, eyewitness reports as well as numerous security logs show Agent DMB to have been in her assigned Research Sector at the time of her appearance in Facility TC119’s logs.

10/01/1999: Agent DMB formally resigns from the Foundation, citing personal stress and overall dissatisfaction with her duties. Her resignation was accepted in the interest of her own health.

01/01/2000: At exactly 12:01 am, security alarms in Facilities TC119, TC108, and TC077 were simultaneously tripped. All five SCPs contained between the three facilities were reported missing. Former Agent DMB was not suspected until some time after her classification as SCP-555.

01/28/2000: A letter addressed to “the Foundation” was received at Overwatch HQ. O5 personnel have elected not to divulge the contents of the letter. Fingerprint analysis confirmed that the letter had been sent by former Agent DMB.

01/29/2000: Geiger analysis of the letter confirmed that former Agent DMB had successfully combined the effects of SCP-███ with SCP-███. Former Agent DMB was reclassified as SCP-555.

See SCP-555 for further information.

End of log.

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