Dr Simmons's Private Log
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Entry #015 - Date █-██-████

I'm finished.

This may be the last entry into the journal, as my pathetic career comes to a crashing halt. I knew that nothing good would come from being assigned to SCP-295, but how was I supposed to know that they'd burn down half the surrounding area?! So I had some soot on my lab coat, where's the crime in that? It doesn't matter, they'll be "terminating" me soon enough, and I'll be back on my ass with a PhD in Anthropology and not a cent to my name. I may have to burn you to keep warm this winter, so this will be the last entry before I wipe you clean, my faithful journal. It's a good thing I've got no desk to clean out.

Entry #016 - Date █-██-████

Someone's looking out for me, journal(and you as well, skirting the fate of becoming poor kindling).

I don't know if they're telling the truth, but they didn't mention anything about "termination", in fact they offered me a promotion of all things! I'm to be reassigned to Site-17(which, from what I hear, is quite a bit safer than this hellhole), to work with a Dr. ████████ Kondraki. Sounds like a decent guy, and luckily I'm already packed to move. I can't believe I was so gloom and doom before, journal, because Simmons is moving up!

Entry #018 - Date ██-█-████

Settling into Site-17 wasn't much of a hassle, and I think I've already made some friends, journal.

While I was walking around touring the facility I ran into a lovely little researcher who was on a coffee break. I chatted her up for a bit, and while she seemed nice, my mention of being an assistant to Dr. Kondraki elicited a strange reaction. Funny, it seemed a little like pity. Why would she pity me? After all, I did some research on the man, and he happens to be a big name here at Site-17. In fact, he's pretty inspiring, a true visionary in his field, and I'm wondering what I did to earn such an honor. I'll be starting work with him tomorrow, so I'd better get the leisure out of the way first.

He does sound like a busy man, after all.

Entry #019 - Date ██-█-████

Dear journal, I may have been a bit presumptuous.

It took me 30 minutes to pry his attention away from whatever he was looking at on the computer, and once I did he remarked "They sent a guy? A guy?! I make all those requests…", to which he followed with ignoring me for the next 3 hours. Apparently, I wasn't what he was expecting, but I still tried to make good of it. I organized his paperwork and research files, and the first day ended with little fuss, with the exception of what I swore was a gunshot after I left the room. I swear of it because I saw the bullet hole where my head would have been a second later.

I hope it's just a misunderstanding.

Entry #020 - Date ██-█-████

Why didn't I beg them to fire me?

Hindsight is 20/20, but I think I'd prefer to have been dismissed at this point. Dr. Kondraki is a madman, and I'm beginning to fear for my life. Since I signed on as his personal assistant, I have witnessed or assisted him in:

  • Tricking seven low level employees to take candy out of SCP-330 (which I was assigned to clean up after)
  • Killing five Class D personnel "for kicks", using a variety of unusual and occasionally impossible objects.
  • Putting a "Kick Me" sign on Dr. Steal's back
  • Detonating SCP-252 in the lunchroom during peak hours.
  • Using my credit card to hire prostitutes
  • Disposing of dead prostitutes after accidental exposure to SCP-266 (again, he left the cleanup to me)
  • Posing for flash photography with SCP-515 (luckily, SCP-208 was nearby)
  • Playing William Tell blindfolded (him, not me.)

When I broached the subject of resigning from the position, he gave me a grin that scared the shit out of me, or maybe it was the firearm he was brandishing. Either way, I've got to find a way out of this before he kills me. Which might be by the end of the day, at this rate.

Entry #023 - Date ██-██-████

I swear he knows what I'm thinking.

Even back in my own room, I can't help but think that I'm being watched. Like I can't escape. He fired at me 8 times today, and I can't tell if he's kidding around anymore. It's weird, but sometimes I swear it's all just some horrible nightmare.

But that could just be wishful thinking.

Entry #036 ██-██-████

It's not real, it's not real it's not realit'snotreal

Went to Kondraki's office. Bodies everywhere. Even the woman. Coffee break.

He was just laughing. Without moving his lips.

Entry #??? ██-██-████

no exitsno escapeno hopeno life

doors become walls become windows become nothing

only one left

soon nothing left.

i'll end it

Entry #092 ██-█-████

It's good to be writing again, journal.

It was a long road to recovery, but they say I've finally gotten over that psychotic break. Glad they let me have a pen again, couldn't be too careful with the sharp objects and all. Dr. Kondraki isn't such a bad guy either, after he explained the experiment with SCP-408. Turns out I'd never left his office after the first visit. He didn't give me any answers as to the nature of the research, just that "it was something to do while the site's internet was offline". I'm sure it's just above my clearance level or something. Nothing I need to worry about.

Nothing at all.

Note: Dr. Simmons is to be indefinitely detained in the medical wing of Site-17. Next time, make sure someone fills out the gender field on the requisition forms correctly. -Dr. Kondraki

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