Experiment Log 106
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Note: All D-Class test subjects and supervising researchers were equipped with two way radios during all tests.

Test 1:
D-106-1a was told to reach his arm into SCP-106. Subject reported that the atmosphere within was moist. Subject withdrew his arm without consequence. Subject told to enter anomaly. Contact lost.

Test 2:
D-106-2a walked through the side of the anomaly, so that only the right half of his body passed through. No injuries sustained. Subject told to enter anomaly. Contact lost.

Test 3:
D-106-3a fitted with body harness, attached to a reel of high tension wire, placed outside anomaly. Subject also fitted with camera transmitter helmet. Subject told to enter anomaly, and walk until stopped by exhaustion of the reel's wire supply. Subject entered, and walked for several minutes. Camera feed showed only an endless swirling fog, and dirt ground consistent with that outside the anomaly. Subject reached end of wire, and was told via radio to return to outside the anomaly. Wire retracted; subject recovered.

Subject told to re-enter anomaly. 100 meters in, wire was cut. End of wire was pulled into anomaly; contact lost.

Test 4:
D-106-4a fitted with body harness consistent with previous test. D-106-4b was told to join hands with D-106-4a. Both entered the anomaly. 75 meters in, D-106-4a was told to release hold of D-106-4b. D-106-4a reported that D-106-4b immediately disappeared. Loss of contact with D-106-4b was confirmed. Wire cut; contact with D-106-4a lost.

Test 5:
D-106-5a told to jump through SCP-106, such that the upper portion of his body would pass over the anomaly. Upon jumping, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Lower half of subject was not recovered. Note is made to avoid touching the edges of the cylinder. Upper half of subject disposed of within SCP-106; test ended.

Test 6:
10-meter PVC pipe extended through side of anomaly; did not emerge on other side. Subject asked to place pipe on the ground inside of the anomaly. Upon letting go, subject reported that the pipe was no longer present.

Test 7:
D-106-7a was fitted with harness used in other tests; D-106-7b was not. Both subjects given high power, long distance radios. D-106-7b entered the anomaly, and D-106-7a entered immediately after. D-106-7a was unable to contact D-106-7b. Wire cut; contact lost.

Test 8:
D-106-8a fitted with a harness, attached to high tension, 2km wire reel. Subject was lowered through the top of the anomaly. Upon reaching the end of the wire several minutes later, subject reported that he still had not touched ground. Wire cut; contact lost.

Addendum: I am hereby limiting all tests. Do you realize how much money these cameras and communication devices cost? We get it - if they don't have a connection to this world, they disappear. That doesn't mean you should cut every single person into that world. The moral ramifications are bad enough, but I really liked that set of radios that was so readily disposed of on test D-106-7. -Patrick

Addendum 2: An astoundingly unwarranted waste of human resources and equipment has been exhibited in the testing of SCP-106. Thousands of dollars worth of equipment have been lost in the unneeded, repetitive confirmation of already established facts. All participating researchers have therefore been reprimanded accordingly. ~Dr. Shiroto

Addendum 2-2: One-hundred sixty-thousand seven hundred and twenty two dollars, fourty-one cents worth of equipment. -Patrick

Note: A new series of tests to examine the dimensional limits of the phenomena was approved.

Test 9:
A large 4m metal rod, aligned parallel half a meter from the ground with its center positioned perpendicular to its movement into the cylinder so that each end of the rod extended past both sides of the anomaly, passed through without incident.

Test 10:
Same motion as test 9, except when the rod was at the center of the cylinder, the rod was panned in and out, up and down and finally side-to-side. The rod was recovered.

Test 11:
Same motion as test 10. A mounted camera was placed onto the rod's center. Camera transmitted the usual endless fog until the vision overlapped where the rod would intersect the anomaly's edge, where the transmission was abruptly cut as the section of the rod, along with the camera and its wire, were severed. Edges of the metal rod that were not inside the anomaly were recovered. Examination of severed ends show a clean cut down to the molecular level.

Test 12:
Camera mounted on a rod, directly inserted into anomaly. As the view panned into point of insertion, rod was severed.

Test 13:
Same as test 12, but instead of live transmission via wire, the camera recorded to a 4gb memory slot. All materials lost halfway through the experiment at time where the camera should have panned to the dimensional intersect.

Test 14:
Light explosive placed inside. Held by yet another rod. Explosive is of multi-directional grapeshot variety. No grapeshots emerged from the anomaly upon detonation. Damaged rod retrieved.

Test 15:
Two non-panning, wired cameras on rods, inserted at opposite ends of the cylinder at slightly different altitudes. Both rods rotated 360 degrees in opposite directions around the circumference of the anomaly. At no point did any of the cameras sight the other. Materials retrieved.

Test 16:
Mist and dirt content retrieved from within anomaly. Analysis of the composition of the fog and dirt reveals them to be of typical substances as well as [DATA EXPUNGED].

Test 17:
Rod-mounted camera inserted, accompanied by a simple mechanical arm holding a heavy plastic cube. Placement and angle of materials meant to hold the view of the ground and the cube. Cube was dropped, and landed on ground where it remained in vision.

When the arm motioned to retrieve cube and exit the anomaly with the entire assembly, there was [DATA EXPUNGED]. Cube lost, all other materials recovered. Footage sent to the appropriate departments for in depth analysis.

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