Experiment Log 210-A
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Experiment Log for SCP-210

Approved by O5-██
Project Head: Dr. O. Wood

Date: ██/██/200█
Test Subject: Cadaver of remains of a D-Class personnel after SCP-076-2's last rampage.
Procedure: Subject was carried in and lowered onto SCP-210.

Results: Subject immediately reanimated. However, at the shock of doing this, Subject stood up to inspect wounds (which had been healed by the effects of SCP-210): In doing so, subject left contact with chair and a state of death persisted. Remains of subject were suitably disposed of.

Notes: Request: One (1) set of steel manacles to be attached to arms of SCP-210 to prevent subjects losing contact with SCP-210 (APPROVED)

Date: ██/██/200█
Test Subject: Cadaver generously donated by Dr. Bright.
Procedure: Subject was carried in and lowered onto SCP-210, manacles were secured.

Results: Subject reanimated successfully. Subject refused to answer questions about its state of mind and rocked the chair back and forth until SCP-210 fell to the floor and smashed into pieces. Subject still had manacles attached and hence was technically touching SCP-210. Subject remained alive until restraint via security personnel. Once manacles had been removed, Subject lost all signs of life.

Notes: Request: I don't even wanna know where this one came from - Dr. Wood.
SCP-210's containment room was immediately sealed. Thankfully ██████ was on duty and within a week had restored
SCP-210 to its prior conditions.

Request: Four (4) set of wedges to be fitted onto the legs of SCP-210 to prevent it from moving during subject's containment. (APPROVED)

Date: ██/██/200█
Test Subject: Human skull on loan from █████.
Procedure: Subject was placed on chair.

Results: None.

Notes: SCP-210's effects seem only to work when the larger part of the corpse is present.

Date: ██/██/200█
Test Subject: Assortment of three (3) flies and two (2) moths killed by Dr. Wood's bug zapper.
Procedure: Subjects were placed inside bell jar with a mat. When bell jar was placed on SCP-210, mat was slid out from under bell jar.

Results: 100% success rate with reanimation. But as soon as the subjects flew, they fell back down into base and touched it, starting the process again.

Notes: SCP-210 works on more than humans. Perhaps testing on more complex organisms that don't fly is needed.

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