Experiment Log 255-f
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Approved by O5-x
Monitored by O5-2, O5-5, O5-x

Date: 9/15/2008
Experimental Synopsis: Editing of Agent D. Vickers

As per Addendum 255-03 Agent D. Vickers is terminated from the SCP with editing after succumbing to several delusions bringing him to a state of paranoid psychosis after his interaction with SCP-[data expunged]. While under the guide of ██ █████████, a state of selective amnesia with attendant compulsion to never delve into the missing information was permanently induced in the subject regarding his service to the SCP and interactions with any personnel or contained items.

Along with this, D. Vickers was then edited for backgrounds and needed skills to support those backgrounds in order to re-enter general society. His appearance and identity information has been altered to minimize encounters with any personnel he might accidentally meet.


Two agents have been assigned to monitor through standard surveillance measures at least once per week to insure the editing has taken.

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