Experiment Log 443
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Test number: 443-05a
Experimenters: Dr. Ziegler, Agent Thornton
Goal: Examine the results of variations in use of SCP-443
Elements used: All

Test: SCP-443-06 on several sheets of A4 paper. Agent was told to write in larger than usual handwriting
Result: Agent covered the first sheet very rapidly without problem and proceeded to cover three more, but his handwriting gradually shifted back to normal.
Note: Apparently the writing can be influenced to a certain degree.

Test: SCP-443-14 on a single sheet of A4 paper. Agent told to continue even after the sheet was filled
Result: Agent continued to write after the sheet was full, using the table in continuity.
Note: This confirms the result of incident 443-d.

Test: SCP-443-02 on wooden board
Result: Agent wrote several sentences normally.

Test: SCP-443-01 on a sheet upon which SCP-085 was present at the time
Result: SCP-085 complained emphatically of "hearing voices" and requested experiment ended.

Test: SCP-443-08 on wall
Result: Agent began writing at eye level and wrote nearly three hundred words in a straight line (moving around the room) without noticing his own movement.

Test: SCP-443-04 on flesh
Result: Subject D-478 attempted to write on Agent Thornton's back. Normal effect was not observed.
Note: This is the first time "normal" use of one of the SCP elements appears to fail to produce its effect.

Test number: 443-05b
Experimenters: Dr. Ziegler, Agent Thornton
Goal: Examine the results of variations in use of SCP-443
Elements used: SCP-443-08 and SCP-443-11

Test: Use of non-writing end of both items.
Result: Results were identical to normal use.

Test: Using the broad side of both items.
Result: After initially writing on the broad side, Agent Thornton modified his grip on the crayon so he could use the point. Afterward he showed no recollection of this action.
Note: Possibly this indicates that SCP-443 has a preferred method of use?

Test: Using both items at once in one hand.
Result: Only scribbles were produced at first, but a few words ("idiot") and symbols (the symbol representing "brown") were made amongst them.
Note: It would seem in this situation coherent thought is only expressed when both subjected have the same thought at the same moment. A similar test should be performed while two subjects are actually together.

Test: Using one item in each hands.
Result: Normal effect, with both hand "transmitting" normally, although left-hand was very difficult to decipher.

Test: Scrapping small chips from both crayons on a sheet of a paper and melting them
Result: Actions could be performed normally. Agent Thornton cut himself during the process, however, and had to have two stitches done.
Note: This further confirms that the subject remains in total control as long as the item itself does not come into "writing" contact with a surface.

Test number: 443-14a
Experimenters: Dr. Ziegler, Agent Thornton
Test: Exposure to SCP-529 ("Josie")
Goal: Test exposure to a non-human subject.
Elements used: all
Result: SCP-529 was introduced in a test room were the SCP had been left in a small heap on the ground. Subject D-582 called her to him, waving one of the items. Upon entering the room, SCP-529 purred loudly and rushed to SCP-443. She began to roll around and paw at the various items, particularly those D-582 dangled over her. After approximately one minute of behavior Agent Thornton compared to that she's shown when in the presence of catnip, SCP-529 suddenly began to gnaw and nibble SCP-443-05. Before it could be pulled away from her, she had swallowed approximately one centimeter long from the non-writing end. She was removed from the room by the D-class subject with much protest from it. D-582 was subsequently treated for a number of scratches and given preventive treatment for cat scratch fever.

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