Experiment Log 554-A
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Experiments supervised by Dr. Poivre.

Test 554-A1: D-75168, female, aged 34. Test commenced with the research team and recording devices in the containment chamber. Subject instructed to approach mirror and place both hands flat against it. No reaction from 554. This is so far consistent with reports of 554's behaviour prior to acquistion. Research team then set up remote video/audio feed in containment chamber and retreated to monitoring room. Subject was fitted with a safety harness and remote-controlled pulley retrieval system. When prompted, subject placed both hands flat against the mirror, her reflection pulled the subject through the harness, tearing her into several pieces. The reflection (designated 554-01) then dropped the pieces of the corpse on the floor inside the mirror and appeared to be shouting in frustration and/or anger. 554-01 did not emerge from 554, and faded from view after 10 minutes.

Test 554-A2: D-65871, male, aged 28 years. Subject was equipped with a hazmat suit, a camera with wireless video feed, and a two-way radio. Subject required no instructions to approach SCP-554 and place his hands on the mirror; he did so of his own volition within five minutes of entering the containment chamber. Subject was pulled into the mirror by his reflection, which then exited the mirror in subject's place (designated 554-02). 554-02 proceeded to sit on the floor facing away from 554 with its legs crossed and wait for the research team to collect it, which happened 24 hours later. This behaviour is noted as being out of character for the original subject, whom psychiatric evaluation indicates was extremely impatient and self-centred, and would not have accepted being ignored for such an extended period.

Medical examination of 554-02 showed no anomalous traits. It is a mundane human, identical to the original subject. Subject originally had a birthmark on his left buttock. 554-02's corresponding birthmark is on the right buttock. X-rays showed 554-01's internal organs are reversed, as in cases of situs inversus. Medical records of D-65871 show no previous mention of this condition. IQ testing showed both the original subject and 554-02 are of average intelligence. Upon questioning, 554-02 appeared to have all of the original subject's memories, including detailed knowledge of events in subject's past. Preliminary psychiatric analysis indicates that 554-02 lacks D-65871's narcissism and impatiences, and was diffident and self-deprecating when interacting when researchers. 554-02 showed no signs of aggressiveness to interviewers, but when questioned regarding its origins, pleaded ignorance of 554's properties and the realm on the other side of the mirror. Polygraph testing was inconclusive; 554-02's physiological responses were not consistent with either truth or falsehood, instead being a strange mixture of both. 554-02 was administered sodium thiopental, which appeared to have mild psychotropic effects but did not change any of its answers to interviewers' questions.

Attempts to return 554-02 to the mirror were unsuccessful. Placing both of its hands on the mirror failed to bring the original subject to its surface, and the reflection did not become autonomous.

Termination of 554-02 by lethal injection did not restore D-65871, nor did attempting to push 554-02's remains through 554.

Test 554-A3: D-76156, female, aged 52. Subject initially required prompting to approach 554. Subject placed one foot, both feet, her face, and one hand against 554 with no reaction. Only when both hands were placed on 554 did the reflection animate. Subject was pulled into 554 and 554-03 emerged. Medical examination of 554-03 was consistent with results of test 554-A2: internal organs are inverted as in cases of situs inversus, mole noted on D-76156's right arm is located on 554-03's left arm.

Psychiatric evaluation of D-76156 indicated a tendency towards introversion, as well as minor self-esteem issues. 554-03 was, in contrast, very friendly and flirtatious with interviewers, even attempting to seduce Technician █████████, who was taking X-rays during the examination. █████████ reported being very disturbed by this. IQ testing indicates both original subject and 554-03 are of slightly below-average intelligence.

Dr. Poivre ordered interaction with 554-03 by assorted D-class personnel who were unaware of 554-03's origins. Three male heterosexual subjects, two female heterosexual subjects, one male homosexual subject, and one female homosexual subject were selected to 'mingle' with 554-03 in a casual social setting. All interaction was recorded for analysis and archiving as log 554-███, as well as being monitored in real time by Dr. Poivre's research team.

Despite being objectively physically attractive, and generally friendly and outgoing, 554-03 was unable to establish a rapport with any of the male subjects or the female heterosexual subjects. After being introduced to 554-03, subjects became visibly nervous and fidgety, then made excuses to cease conversing with it. No subject was willing to remain with 554-03 longer than three minutes. The sole female homosexual subject became physically aggressive to 554-03 and was restrained by security personnel when it became clear that none of the D-class personnel would defend 554-03.

Interview with D-84323 after her altercation with 554-03 indicates [DATA EXPUNGED]

After administering a polygraph test and injecting 554-03 with sodium thiopental were both inconclusive, Dr. Poivre authorised use of physical torture as a method of interrogation. 554-03 does not appear to feel pain, although it did take damage during interrogation and eventually expired. The remains were incinerated after autopsy.

Test 554-A4: Subjects D-98073 and D-78906 instructed to touch the mirror simultaenously. No reaction from 554. Instructed D-98073 to remain with hands flat against the mirror and D-78906 to leave the containment chamber. As soon as door closed behind D-78906, 554-04 animated and pulled D-98073 through.

Examination of 554-04 is consistent with previous tests, including the inability to perceive pain. 554-04 expired during interrogation; remains were incinerated.

Test 554-A5: D-78906 sent back to approach 554 while blindfolded. No reaction from 554.

Test 554-A6: D-87578. Subject's left arm has been amputated from the elbow. No reaction from 554 upon contact.

Test 554-A7: D-78906 sent back to approach 554 with no blindfold or harness. Research team set up a mono-filament line 6 cm above and 4 cm in front of 554 that can be remotely triggered to drop straight down. Upon contact, 554-05 animated and tried to pull in D-78906. The monitoring technician triggered the mono-filament drop, severing D-78906's hands and the tip of his nose. 554-05 was left holding D-78906's hands and was unable to emerge. Displayed signs of frustration similar to 554-01's, and also faded from view after 10 minutes.

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