Experiment Log 574
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Experiment Log of: Dr. ██████, testing exposure of SCP-574 to other SCP items.

Date: ██/██/████ - Exposure to human or human-like SCPs.

Experiment-01: Exposure to SCP-091

SCP-574 stated "I remember reading a bunch of stuff but I don't know what any of that gibberish meant." When asked if he could write what he'd read he said "I didn't know the language." SCP-574 agreed to draw a number of diagrams that he claimed to remember. The diagrams are consistent with the Voynich Manuscript. Other knowledge remembered was already known to the Foundation.

Experiment-02: Exposure to SCP-073

SCP-574 stated "I remember reading a bunch of stuff but I don't know what any of this means either." When asked if he could write what he'd read he said "I don't know the language." SCP-574 agreed to draw as much of the characters as he could remember. The characters drawn are Sumerian. SCP-574 said he could not remember exactly what he had read because he didn't know what the characters meant when he read the document. SCP-574 doesn't think learning the language the documents were written in will help. Request permission for SCP-574 to learn Sumerian.

Experiment-03: Exposure to SCP-126

SCP-574 stated "Just the Foundation's record and a bunch of love letters. There was also some writing around a circle." When asked if he could write what he'd read around the circle said "I didn't know the language but it looked French or something. Give me your pen and I'll try." SCP-574 agreed to use one of my felt pens to draw the circle and writing on the floor of the observation room, roughly to scale. Image was photographed for records then power washed from the floor using high pressure cleaning equipment. Photographic records are attached for further review. The language is archaic Venetian, not French. The words have been translated as "[DATA EXPUNGED]".

Date: ██/██/████ - Continued exposure to SCPs present at Site-17.

Experiment-04: Exposure to SCP-992

SCP-574 simply introduced himself and offered to shake hands. SCP-992 bowed. SCP-574 then turned to me and stated "Nothing - well, just your stuff." SCP-574 insists no records of SCP-992 exist outside of our organization's own and those uncovered during procurement.

Experiment-05: Exposure to SCP-847

SCP-574 glanced at SCP-847 then turned to me, stating "what's with the ethnic stuff, man?" When asked what he meant SCP-574 stated that there were a small volume of letters, again in a language he "didn't know when" [he] "read them" and once again he was willing to draw characters he could remember. The characters were identified as consistent contemporary Hebrew, including the dots added to indicate pronunciation. SCP-574 claims he can not remember what exactly the documents said as he did not know the language when he read them.

Experiment-06: Exposure to SCP-343

SCP-574 attempted to enter the room but SCP-343 barred him entry through some as of yet unknown force. SCP-574 asked to leave. Test not conducted.

Experiment-07: Exposure to SCP-327

SCP-574 simply introduced himself and offered to shake hands. SCP-327 shook his hand and invited him into the water. SCP-327 flirted with SCP-574 for several minutes with no success. SCP-327 then asked SCP-574 to get out of the water. SCP-574 then exited and turned to me, stating "there's some letters, they look like Spanish, but I know Spanish and the grammar's wrong." SCP-574 attempted to transcribe what he read but says there are gaps because of words that "didn't make sense" to him. The language syntax is correct for Portuguese, not Spanish. The document fragments seem to be letters sent between a sailor and financial backers in regards to SCP-327. The date for the letters indicates [DATA EXPUNGED].

Date: ██/██/████ - Exposure to seemingly sentient or semi-sentient objects.

Experiment-08: Exposure to SCP-173

SCP-574 stated "I can remember a bunch of e-mails from some kid to a bunch of rabbis. None of them took him seriously. They all just blew him off." When asked to transcribe the e-mails SCP-574 was not only willing but also able to do so. Transcripts follow.


Experiment-09: Considered exposure to SCP-139

Because SCP-139 has a documented history of causing insanity and being associated with insane writings, and because those writings have historically included English, I have decided not to expose SCP-574 to SCP-139. Test not conducted.

Experiment-10: Exposure to SCP-043

SCP-043 was played until track nine, at which time contact was made with the voice and SCP-574 was asked to enter the room. SCP-574 turned to me, recited to contents of the note found on the album's jacket, then said "I'd like to leave, please." SCP-043 shouted, "don't fuck this up for me, man!" SCP-574 was permitted to leave. SCP-574 says that if he reveals what he has seen in regards to SCP-043 he may suffer physical harm. Further inquiry was not made. Test inconclusive.

Experiment-11: Exposure to SCP-127

SCP-574 was able to provide a complete 128 page owner's manual, in English. SCP-574 claims another manual also exists in ██████. Owner's manual indicates manufacture starting in ████ in █████████, ███████. Recomend this to be considered confirmation of status for SCP-127 as a Euclid of ████████ origin.

Experiment-12: Exposure to SCP-008

SCP-574 stated "What the fuck? I recognize three of the languages from when I was in the service. They're ███████, ███████, & ██████. There was tons of the stuff being researched and tweaked all over. Must have taken forever to read all of this garbage. All scientific notes except the news article. ███████. I don't know what any of the stuff says but the date on the paper makes the stuff look like [DATA EXPUNGED]. I didn't think I could do this to fucking objects, just stuff that's alive, you know?"


Experiment-13: Exposure to SCP-345

SCP-574 stated: "Well, I got a receipt of purchase and a couple of emails between some suits working for a place called Sheehan Religious Artifacts. I recall a bunch of emails out of a Gmail account too, I think they were all written by the guy who owned it before you guys did. I also have two journals, from what I think is the guy that owned this object. One of them is a Word Document, it's fairly normal - the guy is obviously military, he used military time and acronyms and I can just tell by the way he writes. The other one is complete psycho bullshit, a lot of [DATA EXPUNGED] and the Beast and 666 and stuff. I swear, it's like it was written by Rambo Jesus or something"

Notes: "I'm going to recommend that we restrict what SCPs we let 574 have access to. He keeps revealing either worthless information, info we already know, or he can't tell us things that justify the security risk he poses by having this knowledge in his brain. Amnesia-inducing drugs could be used but that doesn't actually get rid of the knowledge, just keep him from accessing any of the stuff we've helped him learn. Unless Oversight knows he could be of use I don't think we should do any more testing on other SCPs unless I'm directed to do so by Oversight. I'm also recommending SCP-574 for training at resisting mental intrusion by other memetics." - Dr. ██████

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