Experiment Log 619-B
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Approved by: 05-█
Involving: Dr. David VanScoy formally in charge of research, Dr. ███████ ██████████████ assisting.
Test Battery B: Pre-existing behavior confirmation ██/██/2006

Due to the newly formed spacial bending properties a number of class D personnel have been assigned to the task of attempting to retrieve the re-propagating currency that forms in SCP-619. Number of retrievals planned one hundred (100).
After fifty (50) successful attempts, class D personnel were dismissed.
Out of one hundred (100) trials, only 56% of SCP-619’s by-product was $3.16.
Some of the most notable Items are as follows.

Trial:: Item Produced
006:: 380 mL (13 fl oz) of stale chocolate pudding
010:: One (1) cellular phone, belonging to Dr. ███████ ██████████████ (returned after testing)
012:: One (1) DC Metro ticket purchased in Clarksburg, West Virginia.
029:: One (1) ring-shaped, 15-chambered, unshelled peanut.
032:: One scrap of notebook paper with “help me, im [sic] a hostage” written on it.
049:: $3.16 in change with the exception that 4 quarters were fused together to form a “4-circled plate”
056:: One (1) Zippo Brand lighter that does not experience the effects of gravity (lost immediately into an air vent)
075:: 280 g (10 oz) of shredded pressure treated pine wood and torn scraps of roof shingles.
076:: One (1) Compact Disk (CD) Labeled Pink Floyd’s “Momentary Lapse of Reason” that plays Richard Simmons’ “Sweatin’ to the oldies”
078:: One (1) key chain laser pointer, that shoots PEZ
081:: One (1) normal number 2 pencil and one (1) number 2 pencil that burns whatever is written onto the chosen surface.
087:: One (1) tube of chapstick: “Cajun Chicken Flavor”
091:: One (1) small jar labeled "Alien Life Form" which was a set of keys to a Plymouth automobile suspended in motor oil.

All of the by-product from SCP-619 have been stored in Lockers 103 through 105 of storage room F. Currency is currently being examined to detect patterns in date of manufacture, serial number, etc.

Excerpt of conversation between 05-█ and Dr. VanScoy
O5-█: Dave, get a screwdriver and a ladder and go find that damned lighter. For all we know it turns into a nuke when you try to light a cigarette.
Dr. VanScoy: Actually it shoots jelly.
O5-█: … what flavor?
Dr. VanScoy: KY.
O5-█: …
Dr. VanScoy: …
O5-█: Why are you here, VanScoy?
Dr. VanScoy: .. Well You,

Addendum 619-C:
Any researchers wishing to experiment on SCP-619 are encouraged to do so.
Please post all results here with your initial maximum trial size and trial number of your most notable irregularities.
-Thank you, Dr. VanScoy

Involving: Researcher ████ "Gattsuru" ████
Test Battery B: Further testing for recursive pattern analysis - ██/██/200█
Number of retrievals planned one hundred (100).
Out of one hundred (100) trials only 54% of SCP-619’s by-product was $3.16.
Some of the most notable items are as follows.

Trial:: Item Produced
108:: Twenty-four (24) pieces of uncooked macaroni.
113:: One (1) ticket for third-class on flight 1020 with ████████████ ████████ Airlines. Flight is described as from from Long Island, New York, United States to Kezhemskoe, Russia, and dated for June 30th, 2008. See incident log ████=███.
115:: Five (5) origami cranes.
119:: Eighty-three (83) pennies, two dating to each year between 1971 and 2015, excepting 1974, 1981, and 2012, of which only one penny was retrieved.
123:: Two (2) unlabeled batteries, measuring 5 centimeters with a diameter of 1.3 centimeters, in a plastic wrapper labeled #5. Batteries produce AC current at 235 volts at a frequency of 50 Hz.
138:: One (1) red eight centimeter (8cm) by ten centimeter (10cm) by three centimeter (3cm) digital media player, charged by and supporting data transfer over mini-USB-B, containing twenty-five (25) files of unknown format. The media player displays these files as images containing several overlaid fractal images.
140:: Three (3) jeweler's screwdrivers of unknown type and make. Images forwarded to research.
149:: Three (3) unmatched socks, appearing freshly washed.
151:: One (1) small metallic flask containing twenty mL (0.67 fluid ounces) of a brown fluid, almost, but not entirely, exactly unlike tea.
169:: One (1) packet containing six (6) ████████ brand condoms, labeled "███████ Bacon-Flavored".
183:: One (1) North American Arms Inc .22 Long Rifle Mini-Revolver, containing four steel-cased cartridges, with the empty container holding three dollar bills dated to early 2001. Disassembly and reassembly of the firearm and contained showed no abnormalities, disassembly of cartridges revealed that they contained no primers. Upon reassembly and test firing, the object released a four centimeter (4cm) foam plastic ball at a speed of 80 feet per second. Use of the firearm without cartridges or with an empty chamber does not release the plastic ball, and the firearm operates normally when equipped with normal .22LR ammunition. Data forwarded to the [REDACTED] team.
192:: One (1) small cardboard tube filled, twelve centimeters (12cm) long and with a diameter of three centimeters (3cm), with red plastic caps on both ends. Removal of one cap reveals what appears to be an infinite number of multicolored candies, with "U&U" in black text on one side of each candy. Chemical analysis reveals the candies to be typical chocolate inside a sugar shell, although with a higher density than expected at 19 grams per cubic centimeter. In vivo testing with Dr. Clef suggests no similarity to SCP-340 or adverse effects. Further testing in D-class subjects requested to eliminate SCP-340 blue-like or red-like behavior.
195:: One (1) unlabeled Stereo-8 (aka "eight-track") media device, playing a mono recording of Denis Leary's "Merry ████ing Christmas" on endless repeat. Object began to play immediately after retrieval, without power source or media player, placed in heavily muffled container after forty-three play-throughs. Request to destroy with extreme prejudice submitted.
199:: Six (6) drained CR2025 3 watch volt batteries, eight (8) inoperable light-emitting diodes of design corresponding to the infrared spectrum, and one (1) neodymium permanent magnet.

Involving: Dr. Adrian Valence
Test Battery B: Testing for retrieval of anomalous items, and to establish any existing limitations for items retrieved from SCP-619. - ██/██/200█
Number of retrievals planned one hundred (100).
Out of one hundred (100) trials only 47% of SCP-619’s by-product was $3.16.
Some of the most notable items are as follows.

Trial:: Item Produced
204:: One (1) bus pass for the █████ █████ ████████ public transportation system.
215:: Two (2) Corona Light bottle caps, slightly worn.
227:: Five (5) small shards of broken glass bottles, various tints, and one (1) small clamshell.
248:: One (1) pair of black size 32 men's underwear, Hanes brand. Slight tear in elastic band.
249:: Two (2) 1996 Canadian quarters, perpendicularly fused at their mid-sections. Slight radiation levels detected.
258:: One (1) 5kg ingot of abnormally pure protactinium-231, exhibiting high levels of radiation. Room was evacuated, and sample was placed in a pig lead radioactive materials container and transported to a safer location. D-class who removed the item was sent to the infirmary, and terminated after showing symptoms of radiation poisoning. Safety precautions for further experimentation were increased, and room was decontaminated. Testing continued.
267:: Three (3) Dead spiders of indeterminate species. Specimens sent away for analysis.
278:: One (1) small plastic bag containing dried flakes of marijuana. Bag disposed of to prevent misuse.
279:: One (1) slightly bent metal spring, 1/4" in diameter and 3/4" inch in length.
284:: One (1) standard-sized tablet of Alka-Seltzer.
292:: One (1) severed human finger. Sent away for fingerprinting and analysis.
298:: One (1) Pokemon blue version cartridge, for Gameboy Color. Permanently disabled any Gameboy it was inserted into; damage determined to be caused by electrical discharge.
300:: Seven (7) slug dimes (no printings on either side.)

Addendum 619-D: Requesting that safety measures be permanently increased for later tests, due to the possibility of further incidents similar to the retrieval of item #258.
-Dr. Valence

Involving: Dr. G. Alder (at the request of Doctor King)
Test battery C:
Number of retrievals planned: one hundred (100).
Trial:: Item Produced
301-305:: Three hundred and fifty-two apple seeds
Tests terminated abruptly when it became necessary to take Doctor King to the infirmary.

Approved by: Dr. David VanScoy, Head of Research.
Involving: Researcher Charon and Assistant Researcher Johnson-McClain
Test Battery D: Testing for retrieval of anomalous items, and to further establish any existing limitations for items retrieved from SCP-619. - ██/██/20██
Number of retrievals planned: one hundred (100).
Out of one hundred (100) trials only 43% of SCP-619’s by-product was $3.16.
Some of the most notable items are as follows:

Trial:: Item Produced
310:: One (1) standard size condiment packet, filled with antibacterial foot ointment.
316:: One (1) "Swiss Army" style pocket knife, all fold-outs being scissors.
324:: One (1) opened roll of breath mints with two (2) mints remaining. Reassembly of the spirally torn wrapper reveals that it is of unknown manufacture, and in "Grape" flavor. (Further analysis specified the grapes used as the "Christmas Rose" variety.)
339:: Seventy three (73) hook style earrings, in a tangled mass. Once separated, found to be cheap costume jewelry, and no pairs.
351:: One (1) diamond ring, set in a platinum band. Diamond is "Trillion" cut, but mounted upside-down. Engraving inside of band reads: "'Til in need of Viagra!"
358:: Six (6) novelty shaped rubber bands. Two of which were immediately identifiable as SCP-178 and SCP-682. Upon closer inspection, two more have been found as SCP-538 and SCP-255. The remaining two have yet to be identified as of the filing of this log.
372:: One (1) hospital maternity ward I.D. bracelet bearing the name "ben Yosef, Yahushua", dated "22 Elul 5772", weight as "238.314 730 3 shekel", and length as "1.016 cubit", and having a blood type as "A2B -ve" (very rare).
385:: One (1) disposable ball point pen labeled "Cib" that produces no markings. But when traced over existing ink writing, completely removes all traces of both the ink and the indendation left in it's application.
389:: One (1) 2010 Selective Service Sytem data card, similar to existing cards found in Post Offices, with the minor exception of it being for the "CSA", and not "USA".
397:: Three (3) "Buffalo" or "Indian Head" nickels circa 1913, one (1) wood edhesion devise comprised of iron (heavily oxidized) at a 48° angle, and one (1) carapace of helix aspersa approx. ten (10) years old.
402:: One (1) flat light bulb. (That is to say a regular 40W bulb reduced to approximately 5mm in width.) In perfect working order, and of same materials as a "round" bulb. R&D working on "backwards engineering" a means of production, as well as a socket to match.

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