Experiment Log 907-2
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Supplementary Experiment Log for SCP-907. Please log any anomalous testing results using the following log entry format:

Staff Observing:
Firearm Used:
Rounds Fired:
n-th Iteration:

Experiment Log 907-2:

Date: 06/23/200█
Staff Observing: Dr. Mackenzie
Subject: D-66172
Firearm Used: M4A1
Rounds Fired: 93
Procedure: Test dummy set up at Site Outdoor Firing ██ Range B, Subject instructed to fire single rounds at dummy at range of 50 meters
Ammunition recovered appears to be hollow-point rounds of indeterminate manufacture.
39th Iteration: A high-temperature incendiary round was fired, burning a 3 cm wide hole through the test dummy. Round recovery took 15 minutes due to slow cooling rate of the slug.
71st Iteration: A highly engraved silver round was fired. Inspection showed the round was covered with engravings in Latin, and a hollow chamber inside the round was filled with holy water.
93rd Iteration: Upon retrieval, attending Agent ███████ collapsed and exhibited symptoms of sensory deprivation and hallucinations. Slug appeared to be composed of SCP-506. Testing halted.

Date: 6/23/200█
Staff Observing: Dr. Mackenzie
Subject: D-67121
Firearm Used: M16A3
Rounds Fired: 38
Procedure: In an attempt to coerce more anomalous results, SCP-907 was pre-warmed to degrees Centigrade, simulating 150 ██ previously fired rounds. All personnel attending observed full nuclear-biological-chemical (NBC) protection, and firing range was sealed off. Observation done remotely until rounds filed determined to be safe to handle. Subject in armored suit instructed to fire single rounds at a target dummy set up at 100 meter range.
Rounds fired changed every few rounds. Over 9 types of mundane rounds retrieved, including teflon-coated, armor-piercing, and full metal jacket.
11th Iteration: A grooved round was fired. Round was shown to be covered with a potent neurotoxin.
19th Iteration: An armor-piercing round. When exposed to air, surface of round constantly extrudes a molecular lubricant, making round extremely difficult to handle.
26th Iteration: Unknown. No round was detected by observation through high-speed cameras, but a 11 cm diameter hole was punched through the target dummy.
33rd Iteration: A very heavy slug. Firing range momentary evacuated after round was shown to be composed of active weapons-grade plutonium-238. Round stored in radioactive materials storage.
38th Iteration: A round composed of an extremely light, unknown alloy. When fired, round emitted an extremely loud (150 db+) screech that shattered multiple armored windows and caused shock damage to all observational equipment. Experiment halted.

Date: 6/24/200█
Staff Observing: Agent 'Schism' MacCullough
Subject: D-69201
Firearm Used: M16A3
Rounds Fired: 200
Procedure: Due to information provided by the prior test, SCP-907 and the firearm were chilled to roughly 10 degrees Centigrade repeatedly, in between tests. Each test involved thirty-six rounds fired at a target dummy, set up at 100 meters range. Five such tests were fired, the fifth test involving fifty-six shots instead.
With each iteration of 36, the round type changed, as expected. Rounds tended towards a teflon coating in three of five groups, the remaining two being of depleted uranium and - amusingly - .30 gram airsoft. In these iterations, the following oddities were fired:
Iteration 1.27: A 5.56 round was fired which turned out to be made of frozen mercury. The requisite dummy has been replaced and labeled a biohazard.
Iteration 2.31: The round fired was similar to the above, but instead comprised of ice. It fractured during firing, but did result in several holes being placed in the dummy from high-velocity shards.
Iteration 4.24: The round fired appeared to cut a hole through the target dummy, embedding itself in the back wall. Analysis of the bullet is ongoing, but it appears to have several fins, as well as razors across the front.
Iteration 5.19: The round fired exploded, blowing a hole in the dummy. It has been replaced.
Iteration 5.49: After embedding itself in the target dummy, the fired round began to disintegrate the rest of the target dummy, leaving a small pile of powder and an inert bullet. (If these issues continue, Agent Schism will be billed severely for the replacement cost.)
Agent's Note: Despite the obvious implications of heating SCP-907, it's pretty obvious that cooling the magazine only slows the appearance of anomalous rounds slightly. I think more testing is necessary, but I'll leave it to another agent to see what happens when it's FROZEN. Preferably when I'm out of the state. —Schism

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