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(This report is part of a special series of commissioned reports ordered by General Bowe's office. It does not adhere to Foundation standards and is not part of the Foundation Library. It is being shared under agreement by General Bowe and Dr. ███████ of the Foundation)

Author: Dr. █████████ █████████

Researchers: Operative █████, D-112, and rogue agent Bijhan

Date of Filing: 1 November ████

Incident Report:

On 5 September ████ four Operatives of the Foundation began a project to gather intelligence as to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's ability to assault any Foundation sites and contain an SCP artifact. The IRG did in fact have the ability to launch an offensive against the Foundation, as they captured SCP-112 within days of the incident detailed here. However, the "September 5th" Project was in and of itself a failure.

The Operatives, all of Middle-Eastern descent but North American or Western European birth, utilized rogue agent Bijhan to infiltrate the Iranian Navy. The secular military exists alongside a theologically driven IRG in Iran, and they are theoretically checks and balances against each other though in practice they often compete. It was determined that infiltrating the IRG itself would be too dangerous and less likely to succeed in discovering an IRG SCP facility.

The "September 5th" Project acquired false identities as Iranian Naval Intelligence Officers for the four Operatives and Bijhan, and they boarded the Iranian destroyer Jamaran at Abadan. They told the Commanding Officer that their mission was to recover a stolen Islamic artifact that they believed has been stolen by the CIA and being held at an IRG base without the IRG's knowledge. They claimed the IRG was not co-operating with the government, and their mission was to retrieve it anyway. They were intentionally obtuse about their goals and orders, and used their authority as Intelligence Officers to circumvent opposition from the ship's Captain.

Previous to their deployment the Operatives and Bijhan had determined that the most likely place for an SCP facility controlled by the IRG was on one of their many island bases throughout the Persian Gulf that were completely without oversight. The mission on board the Jamaran lasted three weeks as they surveyed various IRG island bases from a distance and determined them to be unsuitable for SCP containment. They did, however, collect invaluable information as to the strength and tactical ability of the IRG as a whole.

Once they surveyed Farsi Island, however, the "September 5th" Project determined that this was the most likely place to contain an SCP and discovered elements and technology on the base that have only ever been used to contain SCP artifacts. It was the determination of the Operatives that Farsi Island was the most likely place the IRG would use to contain any SCP artifacts they may have already acquired or would acquire in the future.

Before an attempt could be made, as planned beforehand, for two of the Operatives to go ashore and get a more detailed survey of the island, it was revealed to the Operatives that two CIA agents and an FBI agent working under the Unusual Incident Unit (or UIU) had also been on board the Jamaran posing as engineers. They were of Iranian descent ethnically, but were American citizens. Bijhan's report says that the American federal agents were aware that the Operatives were not from the Office of Iranian Naval Intelligence, but did not know about the Foundation or the "September 5th" Project. The American federal agents believed the Foundation Operatives were working for either al-Qaida or another similar terrorist group.

A firefight broke out between the FBI agent and one of the Foundation Operatives in the engine room of the Jamaran when they confronted each other. They were both using unconventional weapons of a Euclidian nature. The result was that the port diesel engine caught on fire and the ship became visible to the IRG Marines on shore, due to the pillar of black smoke. They had been previously undetected.

Whether the IRG Marines suspected that the Iranian Naval vessel was actively spying on them, or they were attempting to launch a rescue mission, is unknown. But the IRG commander on shore sent two battalions of armed Marines to the Jamaran.

Once the vessel was boarded, the Captain of the vessel demanded that the IRG leave. One of the Operatives, still posing as Naval Intelligence, attempted to defuse the situation, but was shot dead by an IRG Marine Lieutenant. The Jamaran sounded to battle stations, and the Naval crew attempted to repel the IRG Marine boarders.

Meanwhile, the Operative in the engine room who had engaged in combat with the FBI agent was severely wounded. The FBI operative left the engine room and reported to the mess where he met with the two CIA agents. They were ambushed by another Operative, who managed to get a confirmed kill on the two CIA agents. The fate of the FBI agent is as of yet unknown.

Bijhan found the wounded Operative in the engine room and brought him to the aft smoking deck where they met with the remaining Operative. The battle between Iranian Marines and Sailors was happening to the fore.

At this point Bijhan and the Operatives observed a figure moving across the water, towards the fore of the vessel from starboard, meaning a northern movement from the south. They estimated a speed of approximately 60mph, skimming the surface. They agree that the figure was roughly 5 feet tall, uniformly tan colored, and human-shaped. It is the conclusion of this research commission that this figure was SCP-215.

Once the figure made contact with the bow of the ship, past the Operatives' and Bijhan's line of sight, the raging battle to the fore went silent. The figure did not pass the fore of the ship, and failed to re-emerge to the port.

Upon investigation, the Operatives and Bijhan discovered that the combatants had all been mummified. The Iranian Marines as well as the Iranian sailors were collapsed on the deck still wearing their uniforms and carrying their firearms, completely dehydrated with expressions of pain and horror on their faces.

Further exploration of the vessel uncovered the rest of the crew had also been mummified. Photographs taken by Bijhan of the corpses, when developed, were completely damaged and unintelligible. The cause of the photographic degradation has not been determined.

In the engine room they found a unique mummified corpse, inanimate, and posing no observable threat. Based on detailed descriptions, this commission has come to the conclusion that this, too, was SCP-215.

The Operatives, failing to find an alternative, took an outboard motor speed boat from the Jamaran, abandoned their disguises, and sailed to Iraqi waters where they radioed a Foundation rescue chopper and were brought back to Site ██.

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