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(This report is part of a special series of commissioned reports ordered by General Bowe's office. It does not adhere to Foundation standards and is not part of the Foundation Library. It is being shared under agreement by General Bowe and Dr. ███████ of the Foundation)

Author: Dr. █████████ █████████

Researchers: Operative █████, D-112, and rogue agent Bijhan

Date of Filing: 15 October ████

Incident Report:

This report details events taking place during the 1941 occupation of Iran by British and Soviet allied forces that led to the mysterious destruction of the oil refinery at Abadan. This report will first contain an historical overview of the geo-political events leading up to the event, and then a reconstruction of the event itself.

In 1939 Adolf Hitler was spreading a campaign of Aryan racial superiority and German nationalist and militant expansion. Britain and Russia were both major economic investors of Iran at the time due to its oil reserves, though the Shah of Iran, Reza Shah, had been increasing ties to the Nazi German government because Persians, and especially Iranian Persians, were considered to also be "pure Aryans" in the eyes of the Nazi doctrine.

A growing pro-German movement within Iran led to Iranian youths signing up to become Nazi soldiers in the European theater of World War II as well as forming independent Nazi-associated militias throughout the Middle East.

The increasing ties between Iran and Nazi Germany led British and Soviet leaders to occupy the militarily weak Iran in order to prevent oil from being sold to Hitler's armies. In particular they held on to the oil refinery at Abadan, just east of British-controller Iraq, and at the northernmost tip of the Persian Gulf.

On 25 August 1941 British forces invaded from the port at Abadan and the 24th Indian Brigade crossed the Shatt-al Arab from Basra. Soviet forces invaded from the north at Bandar-e Pahlavi, a town on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. They advanced towards Maku.

By August 31st, the allied Anglo-Soviet forces claimed victory and occupied Tehran, supplanting the established government.

Once German forces had been rendered unable to occupy Iran and a new pro-British Shah was placed on the throne, the Allies withdrew from Tehran on October 17th in a gesture to create an illusion of Iranian independence. However, the Soviet and British occupation force still operated throughout the majority of Iran.

Because Hitler was still waging war throughout Europe, however, local pro-Nazi militias began to operate attacks against the British and Soviets. One of these groups, operating out of Abadan, was the Iranian Aryan Volunteer Force, or IAVF as it is referred to in MI6 documents. The IAVF bought weapons from Nazi Germany and smuggled them into Iran using secret means. There is little documentation on this militia, but it is known that they were proficient in the operation and maintenance of Luger pistols, Mauser rifles, and Model 24 grenades. They also wore modified Wehrmacht uniforms with SS rank markings.

The oil refinery at Abadan was partially destroyed by the morning of 31 October 1941. British Army Engineers had rebuilt the vast majority of the oil refinery by the next day. The cause of the sudden destruction is unknown. However, this commission has discovered evidence leading us to a conclusion regarding this event.

Several accounts have been made directly to this commission from surviving members of the IAVF. There are also taped interviews of retired British Army officers and retired Soviet enlisted soldiers not conducted by this commission but observed by this commission which confirm the accounts given to us by the surviving members of the IAVF. To protect their identities and the identities of our sources, we are keeping their names and their affidavit secret, even from General Bowe.

The following is a reconstruction of the event from our research.

At 10:30PM local time on October 30th 1941, the IAVF launched a surprise attack on the Abadan oil refinery. A total of 30 British soldiers were present, including 4 officers. The Soviet presence numbered a total of 15 regular infantrymen including 2 officers. The numbers had very recently been reduced because British MI6 and Soviet KGB agents had not yet discovered the IAVF's offensive capabilities and disregarded them as a threat.

The initial strike was the planting of home-made Nobel 808 (an early plastic explosive) at the base of the guard towers, which also contained the radio towers for the entire facility. IAVF soldiers made a covert strike, silently eliminating the patrol watch (both Soviet and British enlisted personnel) and planting the explosives while the guards were on watch. Without the radio towers, the regiments had no way of calling for back-up.

Once the guard towers fell, an IAVF force approximately 30 members strong made a frontal assault. They quickly overtook the front gate and disabled the armored tanks and gun-mounted troop transports with Model 24 grenades.

British and Soviet soldiers began mounting a defense at 10:35PM, five minutes after the guard towers were bombed. By this time the IAVF had overrun the courtyard and were attempting to breach the inner gate to access the myriad of halls within the refinery. The primary defensive weapon used was two mounted Browning M2 .50 caliber machine guns located around the rim of the outer wall surrounding the courtyard. The British and Soviet soldiers also returned fire from doorways and positions behind crates and vehicles along the inner wall using Bren light machine guns and AVS 36 assault rifles.

The IAVF saw rapid casualties during the initial defense but by 10:36PM the remaining 19 IAVF soldiers had taken up positions behind the wreckage of the British and Soviet tanks, and were returning fire. For the next ten minutes, no casualties were suffered on either side nor any ground taken or lost.

This commission has determined that ███-███, formerly SCP-215 AKA the "Oriental Mummy" entered the courtyard from within the facility at 10:46 on the night in question. Eyewitness accounts all verify that the "person" they saw at the firefight fit the exact description of the mummy.

SCP-215 proceeded to raise both arms upwards. All of the bullets and grenades in the air ceased movement, and all weapons ceased functioning. When one IAVF officer, bearing the rank of Sturmbannfuhrer, approached the artifact, the artifact apparently engaged him in conversation. Although the eyewitnesses cannot agree on the exact wording, especially due to the fact that it was conducted in Farsi and those closest to the conversation did not speak the language, there is a general idea of what was said.

The IAVF officer attempted to appeal to the artifact, begging it to stop whatever he was doing, in the name of God. The artifact responded in what the accounts describe as a deep but human voice that it would not, and asked the man why he used an Arab word for God (Allah). It is worth noting here that there is a traditional Persian word for God that has not been used since the Arab conquest of Iran and the conversion to Islam. The man responded that God is great ("Allah'u Akbar", a common saying in Islam). The artifact then responded for a very long time in a very low voice, and what it said was not overheard. After it had spoken, the IAVF officer clutched his heart and screamed before blood came pouring our of his eyes and ears. Within moments he was both silent and dead.

After 10:48PM on the night in question, no survivors can recall what happened before awakening at home. The entirety of the British soldiers assigned to Abadan and not killed by the IAVF attack on 30 October were found in bed in their familial homes in Great Britain on 31 October, inexplicably crossing thousands of miles overnight. The Soviet troops present who not killed by the IAVF attack also were found in their familial homes the next night, all across Russia and the other Soviet States. The rest of the IAVF who sieged the Oil Refinery were never found, but former IAVF who were not present report occasional contact with members who were present for the incident. They have refused to reveal anything about the survivors' current whereabouts or condition.

All survivors were found on 31 October 1941 without any limbs and covered in scars. They have all reported persistent and severe pain all across their bodies, and that medication only ever makes it worse. Only a handful survive to this day, as the vast majority of the survivors have committed suicide.

It is this commission's conclusion that all of the supernatural events surrounding this incident were caused by SCP-215.

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