Incident And Experiment Log 715
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Combined Incident and Experiment Log for SCP-715 Testing

"Is there a single experiment done with this machine that hasn't led to an incident?" - Dr. Rights

Experiment Logs

Test Log 715-XXX

Original Testing Personnel:
Original Personnel's Personality (Summarized):
Clone's Personality (Summarized):

Test Log 715-002
Original Testing Personnel: Dr. Agatha E. Rights (x3, respectively referred to as A, B, and C)
Original Personnel's Personality (Summarized): -Unneeded-
Clone's Personality (Summarized): Clone A showed a distinct lack of self control, and was described as rude and obnoxious. Personnel reported mild discomfort from her sexual harassment of staff. Clone A also showed a marked increase in risky behavior, that ultimately allowed for her to escape. Clone A also showed mild violent urges, and expressed a deep fear of abandonment and being alone.
Clone B was, for all points and purposes, clinically and severely depressed. She expressed constant fear, between bouts of hysterical sobbing. Personnel reported that her habit of grasping at people and clinging to them was slightly annoying, and she had small fits of scratching and child-like temper tantrums.
Clone C was the first Clone produced via testing from the SCP Foundation that had to be terminated manually, as she attacked her original in what was described as a "Wolf-like fashion" and managed to bite Dr. Rights on the neck and shoulder several times, causing moderate bleeding.
[[See Incident Report 715-002]]

Incident Reports

Incident Report 715-002

Clone "A" of Dr. Rights managed to slip past security while her original was occupied by molesting a guard, before managing to make it through nearly the entirety of Site 17. Thankfully, she did not disturb any SCPs (Except for stopping to pet Josie the Half-Cat for a few seconds) and security around the rest of Site 17 was not breached. Several guards were compromised by her sexual advances, only to be taken aback when the real Dr. Rights would come running by a few minutes later. Dr. Rights eventually managed to subdue Clone A using [[DATA EXPUNGED]] as bait.
Clone "B" of Dr. Rights did not cause severe incident, but after spending the last several minutes of its time alone with Dr. Rights in her office, Dr. Rights appeared shaken and moody for a few hours before recovering, and testing resumed.
Clone "C" of Dr. Rights was the first of several seemingly Feral clones of personnel produced. After growling and snapping at personnel, she finally spotted Dr. Rights and attacked her. Although Dr. Rights landed the first blow and managed to take out one of Clone C's eyes, Clone C was shot through the head after biting Dr. Rights several times on the shoulder and neck. Dr. Rights was taken to a medical wing, and testing ended for a week.
"I got to watch myself throw myself at everything with a pulse and a penis, die crying, and try to rip my own jugular out. It's been an eventful day, and I'm going home early." - Dr. Rights

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