Incident Report 239 A
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Incident 1 Dated 10/13/00: Subject somehow detonated the ███████ █████ Hospital. It is unclear whether this was a conscious decision of the subject. SCP teams arrived soon after and found Subject buried under approximately twelve pounds of rubble. It is recommended that Subject is never informed about this incident, as this may cause self-destructive tendencies in the Subject.

Incident 223 Dated 3/22/03: When Subject was banned from watching television due to poor behavior she began watching television inside of her own mind. Somehow she had managed pick up television signals using no specialized equipment, and was somehow able to emit the audio from her ears.

Incident 596 Dated 10/13/05: Subject "invented" several children of similar ages to herself to come to her "birthday party". The children have been given heavy doses of Class-A amnesiac, and sent to several different orphanages.

Incident 833 Dated 6/4/07: Subject caused a massive explosion at Site-██. When Subject was questioned regarding this incident she responded "I wanted to see fireworks this year". Subject had been moved to Site-17 out of pure necessity. It is recommended that Site-██ be repaired as soon as possible.

Incident 835 Dated 6/30/07: Subject, unfortunately formed bonds with several humanoid SCPs and staff members. Subject is now to be permanently detained in Site-17. When SCP teams attempted to remove Subject from the perimeter they were physically unable to make her leave the facility. Unfortunately she does not seem to want to leave.

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