Incident Report 239 R 17
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This report is OPEN. Edits must be approved by an O-5 level authority, except for basic grammatical and spelling corrections.

Synopsis: Dr. E. Valdason revealed sensitive, restricted information to SCP-239, and despite the Subject's comatose state, the subject has produced a specimen known as SCP-239-R. This specimen has forced the evacuation of Site-17. It is theorized that SCP-239-R is the incarnation of the anger felt by SCP-239.

Audio Log 239-A:

[Dr. Valdason is heard entering the room.]

[Sounds of scratching on SCP-239's paper pad.]

Valdason: That's what I'm here to talk about.

[Video log A has confirmed that at this point SCP-239 wrote "Please tell me what happened to them."]

Valdason: You were born to a normal family in Iceland. A few hours after you were born there was an… accident, involving you. And the hospital exploded. The Found… The Academy was sent to investigate and we found you. At first we just thought that you were a lucky baby to survive, but soon we noticed that the world around you… changed. It was than that we realized that you were an SC… a witch.

[No audio for the period of one minute followed by furious scratching. Video log A confirmed that SCP-239 wrote "I killed my family?"]

Valdason: No, no, you had no idea what you were doing, you were just a baby.

[SCP-239 begins drawing erratically on her paper. SCP-239-R materializes across the room from Dr. Valdason.]

Interviewed: Dr. A. Clef, SCP number pending.

Interviewer: Dr. "Cog" Gears.

Foreword: This interview took place █ days after Incident 239-B-192.

<Begin Log, ██-██-████, ████:██:██>

Gears: Commence Interview Log, ██-██-████, ████:██:██ Supplemental Report 239-B-448. Dr. Gears, Interviewer. Dr. Clef, SCP number pending, Interviewee. Interview was carried out in Medical Ward 7, at Site 17, by order of O5-██.

Clef: Very nice, Gears. Extremely precise, very textbook.

Gears: Subject is a ██ year old ██████████████ male with ████████. Has suffered severe spinal trauma due to accidental injury, and has been rendered quadriplegic. Aside from expected complications, subject is in good health and able to perform this interview.

Clef: I moved my finger yesterday. It seemed like a major accomplishment. Funny how life does that to you.

Gears: Commencing intake interview now.

Clef: You know, Kain left a big, fat turd on my chest the other day. It was nine hours before anyone thought to clean it up. He'd eaten a lot of bacon, too, just for me. Do you know how bad that smells? Nine hours, and I couldn't turn my head aside or anything. Horrible.

Gears: Please tell me about your childhood.

Clef: Speaking of children, if you had anything to say to Erica Valdason, I recommend that you do it now. She doesn't have… oh dear.

Gears: Please explain.

Clef: [sighs] Shoot a dog with rabies, and you're a hero. Try to put down a dangerous, reality-warping, uncontrollable SCP, and you're a monster. Gears, if you people value the lives of your subordinates at all, you'll give me a dose of Cure-All, hand me a weapon, and let me finish that little monster off once and for all.

Gears: Subject continues to display a monomaniacal obsession with terminating SCP-239…

Clef: … oh for crying out loud.



Surveilance Log x29███, Date █-██-████:

08:49 - Dr. Valdason is seen speaking to SCP-239.


08:50 - SCP-239-R is seen inside the room, kills Dr. Valdason.

08:52 - Dr. Lyte contacts O5-4 and informs ███ of the materialization of SCP-239-R. Dr. Lyte is killed. Autopsy report shows that cause of death was a collapsed sternum.


09:00 - On site security arrives to engage SCP-239-R.

09:09 - On site security is routed.

Abbreviated Description of SCP-239-R:

SCP-239-R appears to be a loose conglomerate of various gases naturally present in the earth's atmosphere. The gas that comprise SCP-239-R has darkened in such a way, that it is similar in both color and consistency to SCP-017. The main distinguishing feature of SCP-239-R is the large, eye-like structure located within the center of the gas "body". This eye is approximately 1 half of a meter in diameter and is light blue in color.

It seems that SCP-239-R can, almost instantly, translocate itself to and from any given point within Site-17, however its vision is limited to its "eyesight". It is hypothesized that SCP-239-R's mobility is limited to the Kappa waves emitted from SCP-239, and that the radius of these waves represent SCP-239's sphere of control. It is also theorized that if the Kappa waves' radius continues to expand, SCP-239-R will be able to eventually leave Site-17.

Preliminary combat experience has shown that SCP-239-R possesses a form of reality control similar to that of SCP-239, however, it has shown itself to be much more malicious. In lieu of physically attacking its targets, Subject seems to use a mixture of telekinetic force and subliminal destruction of the target's physical structure. Initial tactical experience suggests that SCP-239-R possesses some sadistic tendencies, as it will "attack" with overly destructive methods.

Site-17 Conduct Log 239-R

09:20: Order for full evacuation of Site-17 is issued.

Log Of Attempted Operations Against SCP-239-R

Op-Mobile Task Force Omega-7 is dispatched to eliminate SCP-239 with the hope that it would conversely destroy SCP-239-R.

Failed-The team's attempt at stealth was detected, as SCP-076-2 refused to "sneak around like a rat". The team made their escape as SCP-239-R fought with, and ultimately defeated SCP-076-2.

Casualties: 4 - Members of MTFOS, 1 - SCP-076-2.

Tactical Advisory - SCP-239-R can not be dealt with head on, any further operations must be conducted with stealth in mind. Video logs show that SCP-239-R "patrols" the halls of Site-17 in a random pattern. It has proven, so far, to be impossible to predict any predetermined path.

Op-Operative "Janice" dispatched to Site-17 to attempt to eliminate SCP-239.

Failed- Janice successfully reached SCP-239's containment area, however, the door into the room has seemingly disappeared entirely.

Casualties: 0 - Janice escaped successfully.

Tactical Advisory - "We have to either find a way to destroy SCP-239-R, or we have to find a way to make SCP-239 want to open a way into her containment area.

Op-SCP-105 is dispatched to attempt to reason with SCP-239

Success- SCP-105 [DATA EXPUNGED]

Audio Log of Operation 239-R-105

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