Incident Report 668 682
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SCP involved:

Personnel involved: Agent ██████

Date: ██/██/██

Location: At Site ██

As of this current date, the reason for Agent ██████'s (subsequently referred to as "Victim") psychotic break is unknown. What is known is that in the days leading towards the incident, the Victim had made several errors during field operations leading to nonfatal casualties, and was under disciplinary measures, leading to a growing sense of dissatisfaction from said Victim.

It is also unknown how the Victim managed to obtain SCP-668 without going through normal security procedures. Although several staff whose supposed errors directly led to the breach of containment have been terminated, the possibility of an outside agency being involved cannot be discounted.

What is known is that the Victim somehow obtained SCP-668, proceeded to the containment center for SCP-682, then attempted to present said item to the latter. As possession of the Genovese Blade by 682 is one of several possible End-of-World Scenarios involving said SCP, the end result could have been catastrophic.

Security Footage K-Alpha-Cyan-Rainbow-1896503-SF

Agent ██████:I present you with what you need to meet your goals.
Agent ██████:What have you said, admirable one?
Agent ██████:I share your goals. I too want all life to end.
Agent ██████:You stupid beast! I should have known that you could not speak. You will not carry out my plan.
SCP-682: … I am no beast. Disgusting sub-creature…
[Sound of snapping bones and rending flesh.]

Agent ██████'s body, along with SCP-668, was later retrieved from SCP-682's containment facility.

It is unknown at this time whether SCP-682 was simply unaware of the SCP-688's properties, or whether it simply chose not to use said weapon.

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