Interview 035
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Interviewed: SCP-035 (Whilst it has a host body, a mannequin to be exact)

Interviewer: Dr. Joseph Keats

Foreword: This was a research interview, taken before SCP-035 had its host rights removed. (It should be noted that this was the first time that Dr. Keats had ever spoken to SCP-035, and that he had never been mentioned before to SCP-035 by any staff.)

<Begin Log>

Dr. Keats: Hello thirty five. How are you today?

SCP-035: Oh I'm fine Dr. Keats, thanks. How about you?

Dr. Keats: I'm fine thank you.

SCP-035: How's your family?

Dr. Keats: Uh… They're fine, thank you. Now what would- (is interrupted by SCP-035)

SCP-035: Too bad about your wife's affair.

Dr. Keats: I-I'm sorry?! What did you say?!

SCP-035: Still, it wasn't your fault. No, you're doing good work here, so that's why you stay late. It's her own fault if she gets lonely.

Dr. Keats: (Raising voice) Thirty five, I demand you stop this line of conversation!

SCP-035: I mean, you are helping people here. That makes all the missed birthdays, and anniversaries, and holidays well worth it doesn't it?

Dr. Keats: Thirty five, if you do not stop this line of conversation, I shall have your host terminated here and now!

SCP-035: Like all those D personnel, right? Like you'd like to do to your cold, backstabbing wife, and her little boy toy? Don't deny it, you get a little thrill when you get to send people to "termination", when you get to herd them like sheep to the slaughterhouse. How many have you knowingly sent to their deaths? I think it was-(is cut off by Dr. Keats)

Dr. Keats:(Yelling) Thirty five! Stop it!

SCP-035: Still, neither of those are as bad as those thoughts you get when you look at young men. Young… boys in particular, huh? You can barely even look at your son anymore, and it's not because he looks like your wife. It's because, secretly, deep down, you want to-(is cut off by Dr. Keats)

Dr. Keats: (Gradually yelling louder) Shut up! Stop it! Stop it!

SCP-035: So, how does it feel being not only a pathetic excuse for a husband, being a sicko who gets off on killing people, but a pe(-is cut off by Dr. Keats)

Dr. Keats: Shutupshutupshutupshutup! (sounds of physical violence)

(Sound of doors opening, many hurried footsteps, sounds of a struggle)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Keats physically assaulted SCP-035, but was pulled off and given a sabbatical.

Two weeks later, he shot his wife and son, before committing suicide.

SCP-035 is denied host privileges for two months as a result of this.

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