Interview 105-F
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Interviewed: SCP-105 A.K.A. Iris Thompson

Interviewer: Dr. James Dantensen

Foreword: This Interview is the last recorded interview with SCP-105 before her release two months ago.

<Begin Log, [8/12/08 1900 Hours]>

Dr. Dantensen: Hello Iris, how are you doing today?

SCP-105: About the same as last month I guess.

Dr. Dantensen: We're going to start with some easy psychological evaluation questions today. Do you understand?

SCP-105: Yes.

Dr. Dantensen: Are you having thoughts of hurting yourself or others?

SCP-105: No.

Dr. Dantensen: Good. Do you feel hopeless?

SCP-105: (Subject remains quiet)

Dr. Dantensen: Please answer with: yes, no, or slightly.

SCP-105: Maybe, a little bit…

Dr. Dantensen: Should I check off "maybe"?

SCP-105: Am I ever going to get out of this place?

Dr. Dantensen: (No response)

SCP-105: (Sounds of crying)

Dr. Dantensen: Well Iris, the SCP Ethics Committee would not allow your execution if you were to suddenly lose your unusual ability.

SCP-105: Do you mean…

Dr. Dantensen: Of course if you did suddenly lose your power, they would be unable to run any tests to prove, you were indeed telling the truth. Technically, they could never even prove that you had any power to begin with.

SCP-105: What would happen to me, if… such a thing were to suddenly happen?

Dr. Dantensen: Well, I think, hypothetically of course, you would be released as soon as possible, relocated to a high population city, and you would be given a hefty "life reclamation" check from the government every month. Now, you're still young, I would recommend using the reclamation check on college tuition. You're smart, I know, I've seen your charts.

SCP-105: Thank you so much…

Dr. Dantensen: For what? I was just telling you about standard SCP procedure for humanoid SCPs.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Shortly afterwards, SCP-105 claimed to have lost her ability. She was released on September first.

Addendum by O5-██: SCP-105 is to be monitored by Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") for the next ██ months to confirm loss of SCP-level abilities. A Class-A Amnesiac is to be administered at the first available opportunity if loss of ability is confirmed. If SCP level abilities are shown to either re-emerge, or if the ability loss is determined to have been falsified, immediate recapture is authorized.

In addition, Dr. Dantensen is to be monitored for psychiatric instability, as evidenced by his undue concern for the target. If he is found to have taken actions that have resulted in the loss of Foundation resources for something as petty as sympathy, immediate termination may be required. Further updates as events warrant.

Addendum: SCP has been recaptured on October the fifth.

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