Interview 247
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Interviewed: Doctor Wesley Griffith/2-247. Former overseer of SCP-247.

Interviewer: Doctor Adam Miller, member of Site 19's Psychological Evaluation Staff.

Foreword: Doctor Griffith is receiving a psychriatic evaluation by Doctor Miller. Doctor Griffith had attempted to escape the facility with SCP-247 in hand at 03:26 today.

<Begin Log, [19:11]>

Doctor Miller: Doctor Griffith, can you tell what you were thinking when you took SCP-247?

Doctor Griffith: I'm not too sure. It was just calling to me. Not literally of course. I can't really explain it.

Doctor Miller: Try to.

Doctor Griffith: Well, I just felt drawn to it, you know? There was just something in my mind that said "Take me, find it, find it!" But there were no words. Just ideas.

Doctor Miller: Very good. What were you meant to find?

Doctor Griffith: I don't really know. Wherever the compass was pointing, I needed to go there. What's troubles me the most is I can't stop thinking about it. I am compelled to get that compass back. I need it. Can I have it back?

Doctor Miller: You know I can't do that, Griffith.

Doctor Griffith: (stands up, raised voice) But you don't understand! I have to go there! I must find it!

Doctor Miller: Calm down, Wes. Go where? Take a seat, please tell me.

Doctor Griffith: (shouting) No! You can't do this! Let me go! Let me out now!

Doctor Griffith: (shouting) Security!

[Rushing feet. Banging. Screaming. Sounds of a scuffle]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Doctor Griffith became inconsolable and therefore had to be neutralized by physical force. Doctor Griffith remained uncontrollable afterwards and was therefore terminated on [DATA EXPUNGED] and replaced by Doctor Jacques Cloistre.

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