Medical Research on SCP-562
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Document title: Medical properties of members of SCP-562

Organs and skin of members of SCP-562 do not cause an immune response in humans. However because SCP-562's ichor has a cupric carrier and is thicker than human blood, caution is recommended in transplants.

SCP-562 uses two four-chambered hearts, which are very different in structure than a human heart. Nevertheless, they can be successfully used in human transplants. One of the hearts is the primary heart and it provides greater pumping force than a human heart is capable of, and has a four-cycle beat as opposed to the human 2-cycle beat. The secondary heart is located lower in the body than the primary heart, and serves to maintain blood pressure in the extremities. This heart can be safely removed, though its pumping ability is marginally less than a normal human heart.

It is estimated that either of these hearts, implanted in a human, would have an approximate ten year max lifespan, with actual lifespan far shorter. These hearts do not properly respond to human adrenal hormones or other heart regulating hormones, and so their beat is far more regular in a human than a natural heart.

SCP-562 uses one "lung" that is a sac similar to the human lung. This lung is more efficient at oxygenating SCP-562 ichor than human blood but would be sufficient for use as materials to repair a damaged human lung. Total lung replacement results in an inadequate lung resulting in asthma like symptoms and easy fatigue.

Their skin is supple and sensitive and takes well to dyes to make the coloration more human. Furthermore, it seems to be capable of living as long as the human host remains alive, and so it is recommended for use in burn victims, provided the skin is rendered incapable of egg/sperm production first via electrolysis. The skin is more sensitive than human skin, however, and some transplant recipients have reported an erotic sensation when transplanted patches are touched.

Their chitin is harder and slightly less elastic than their skin, but also takes well to human hosts. It is flexible enough for safe use in human joint areas, though there is some reduced speed of joint use due to increased elastic constant. More force is needed for the same motions. Their chitin is less sensitive than human skin, and requires stronger dyes than the skin to match human skin tones. Chitin is also recommended in human burn victims.

Due to the differences in human and SCP-562 anatomy either regular injections of ichor should be provided to transplant recipients or recipients should be provided with a small amount of SCP-562 "marrow". Caution should be taken to keep the ichor concentrations in human blood to less than 5 parts per hundred but more than three parts per hundred for ideal operation of human and SCP-562 organs.

Transplanting of human organs to SCP-562 tend to be difficult due to their inability to digest some required human nutrients, and the inability of their ichor to carry said nutrients. However human tissue similarly fails to evoke an immune response in them.

Members of SCP-562 are capable of re-growing chitin with less scarring than "skin", although the "skin" heals faster. Digestive tracts and other internal organs are incompatible with the closest equivalents in humans.

SCP-562 saliva and other mucosa contain complex protein chains and enzymes.

The most potent of these is the reproductive saliva used in kisses. This saliva is a potent painkiller and also provides a mild feeling of euphoria. It seems to affect Endorphin, Serotonin and Dopamine receptors in the brain making it addictive but effective in small doses. When properly screened for eggs it still retains its properties. Breakdown of enzymes can be reduced via refrigeration and freezing. Heating the saliva breaks down the protein chains and enzymes responsible for this effect, therefore recommended processing of saliva for use as drugs is passing chilled saliva through a sieve with holes no larger than .03 millimeters.

SCP-562 mucosa can be found covering their skin. It has no painkiller effect, and contains gametes. The egg concentration in the Mucosa is much smaller than that in the saliva. On most mammals it causes the consumer to slip into a state of mild hallucination, marginally increased sexual readiness, and moderate passiveness/suggestibility, which is observed to be in humans as similar to a hypnotic trance state.

The hair of SCP-562 is strong, though not so strong as spider silk. It is also not as tacky as spider silk. However it can be produced in larger quantities. Due to its hypoallergenic properties and biodegradable nature it would make an efficient form of stitches.

The eyes of SCP-562 have some cones, which are similar to those of humans, allowing the ability to interact with humans as far as the Colors of objects shown to them, and they are capable of simulating the human palate. However their eyes see further into the infra-red range than humans can, allowing them to see human body heat.

They lack actual scent organs. Their "nose" is purely cosmetic in nature, but they are capable of "smelling" with their tongue which has more in common with human nasal tissues than with a human tongue, and not much in common with either. Their "vaginal chamber" is the hole out which they void solid and liquid wastes.

They are geared to be able to detect mammals, especially humans with their senses, and tend to report humans as their "favorites".

The brain is not located in the head, but is rather located near their center of mass in a semi-rigid non-bony structure allowing the brain to continue growing as they do.

The odds of this creature arising naturally are [DATA EXPUNGED]. However they do seem to be terrestrial in origin, leading to the theory that [DATA EXPUNGED] ~Dr. Dumount

Given careful care and treatment, members of SCP-562 can live up to 5 years before their weight is greater than their hearts can support. However members of SCP-562 begin experiencing structural collapse around 4 years of age and 4 meters of length as their chitin and cartilaginous bone structure can no longer support their weight. Study performed by Dr.██████

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