Mobile Task Force Omega 7 R&R Handout
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SECTION 4: Equipment and SCP allowances.

1. All members of Mobile Task Force Ω-7 are to have their own personally fitted and customized armor (HEPIS MKII), constructed from SCP-143 and upgraded by SCP-172. The inside of the helmets of this armor is to be coated with SCP-148, so as to prevent psychic or mental attacks and intrusions. Members are in charge of maintaining their own armor.

2. All members of MTF Ω-7 are to be outfitted and trained with a combat knife and/or close combat weapon of their choice, all constructed from SCP-143. Members are to be advised to choose their weapons wisely when picking an extra weapon, as the Foundation only provides one every six (6) months. Members are in charge of maintaining their own weapons. This directive does not apply to SCP-076-2 due to its unique method of weapon procurement.

3. All members of MTF Ω-7 are to be outfitted and trained with HK-016 Heavy Magnetic Rail Rifles. These weapons are capable of long range fire and can be outfitted with scopes and variable ammo settings. The weapon can be armed with types of ammo ranging from .50 caliber to .22 caliber, and bullets made of a variety of substances as the situation warrants. For further information, please refer to Directive 016-01: <Approved HK-016 Ammunition>.

4. Any member of MTF Ω-7 who wishes may be innoculated with 1cc of SCP-006 to promote rapid cellular regeneration from field injuries and to remove any harmful bacteriological and/or viral agents. Administration must be carried out under Security Protocol Delta: because of the necessity of terminating all Class-D Personnel tasked with administering the dosage, the procedure is limited to a ████████ basis, except in case of critical emergency.

5. Members of MTF Ω-7 are allowed to submit themselves to SCP-212 for “improvement” after proper clearance, but are to made absolutely aware of what this entails, and to be psychologically evaluated before and after any “improvements” are made.

6. Members of MTF Ω-77 are allowed to access to a list of approved SCP items subject to either proper clearance or personal inquiry on the part of SCP-076-2 itself.

7. All members of MTF Ω-7 are required to have a killswitch activator to SCP-076-2's collar on them at all times. Furthermore, SCP-076-2 is never to be made aware of this fact.

8. In accordance with standard MTF procedure, all members of MTF Ω-7 must be equipped with one basic first aid kit containing bandages, a 10-dose morphine/ketamine autoinjector, and antidotes to common toxins. Other chemicals may also be included for specific tasks - for example, memory-erasing agents such as flunitrazepam, scopolamine, S-194 and X-534 may be used if the objective is psychologically dangerous.

9. Members of MTF Ω-7 are to be fitted with a cochlear implant connected to SCP-061 in case of unforeseen circumstances leading to mental or emotional compromise.

SECTION 5: Per-Member Provisions

1. In accordance with SCP-076-2's desire that agent T█████ R██████ [Ω7-0008] serve as his "second", [Ω7-0008] is to be provided access to SCP-193 and/or SCP-150 as necessary.

2. Due to SCP-105's unique abilities, she has in the past served as the de facto team coordinator and support manager. As such, she is to be provided with a comprehensive array of bandages, coagulants, antidotes, painkillers, antibiotics, anesthetics, antivirals, emetics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and antipsychotics, as well as a limited selection of medical instruments for any needed on-site surgery. SCP-105 is being trained in the basics of field surgery by Dr. ███ ████████ [19-0551] and reportedly shows remarkable aptitude in that area.

3. Pending O5-level authorization, members of MTF Ω-7 of at least five years experience in good standing may in the future be authorized to carry secure vials of SCP-006 in the field.

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