MTF Omega88 Duty Report
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MTF DUTY LOG FOR MTF OMEGA88 "DREAM WATCHERS" This log entails the list of imprint targets, and the methods of containment for MTF Omega88 "Dream Watchers".

The following format will be used:

Containment Zone:
Length of Containment:
Containment Method:
Reason for Loss of Containment:

Subject: Johanness ███████
Containment Zone: Brussels
Length of Containment: Six weeks
Containment Method: None
Reason for Loss of Containment: Subject was killed by SCP-845-2. The only sounds in the room at the time were the screams of the subject. No sound was heard from any of the discharging weapons. Attack against SCP-845-2 was inneffective.

Subject: Johnathan █████████
Containment Zone: Site ██
Length of Containment: Eight Weeks
Containment Method: SCP-148 'Cage' around the subjects bed.
Reason for Loss of Containment: Subject death. During attempt to damage SCP-845-2 with experimental electrical weapons, the subject jumped in front of them, screaming about wanting to die.

Use of SCP-148 is restricted to absolute need. Doctor ██████ is scheduled for a disciplinary hearing as to the use of this valuable material for the protection of a single individual Non-SCP. -Doctor ██████

Subject: Doctor ██████
Containment Zone: Stuttgart, Germany
Length of Containment: Current, Eight months at the time of this report.
Containment Method: Direct explosive, chemical, and ballistic assault of SCP-845 during the manifestation of 845-2. This has proven to be effective in containing SCP-845 and SCP-845-2.
Reason for Loss of Containment: There has been no indication of loss of containment at this point, though several members of MTF Omega88 have reported to having nightmares about SCP-845. Investigations into if this is just a psychological reaction or a property being manifested by SCP-845 are currently under way. Suggested course of action at this point is to switch out members of MTF Omega88 with other MTF members to maintain operation efficiency.

This thing is creepy as hell, sir. I don't know how the others are taking it, but I swear…its starting to whisper to me too now…and its started to try to defend itself. It's been going after the members of the MTF ever since the fourth night in containment. I have to admit…I'm afraid of it. It's getting to my mind, and that makes me afraid I may not be able to pull the trigger one night. -Captain Rexivus ███████ of the MTF Omega 88 "Dream Watchers"

All three of the imprinted targets have been from Germany so far. There's a possible link between SCP-845 and the area in Germany that the imprinted targets are coming from. Additional research is required. -Doctor ████████

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