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Item #: SCP-781

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-781 resides at Minimal Security Site 17, and is permitted limited access to the rest of the facility during his free hours. He is allowed to leave his room thrice a day, for up to twenty minutes at a time. He is always to be accompanied by two agents of at least Level 3 security during these excursions. SCP-781's sleeping designation are of utmost importance. Within a chamber measuring fifty (50) by fifty (50) meters with steel-reinforced concrete walls, another length measuring approximately five (5) meters is to be constructed at the center. Next to this single wall, is to be a comfortable bed, nightstand, and two electrical outlets for SCP-781's nightlight and stereo system. SCP-781 is also free to furnish this section of the room as he pleases, although thus far he has requested only a small bookshelf to keep the books he gains each week from Dr. Glass as well as a single [DATA EXPUNGED], which was denied.

SCP-781 is to be awoken at precisely 07:00 each morning, and after his daily report of his night to Dr. Glass, he is free to enjoy the rest of the daylight hours in relative privacy. Subject is under no circumstance allowed to nap. At 18:45 subject is permitted a fifteen (15) minute hot shower, and must be ready for bed at 19:00. His nightlight is always to be turned on, and the stereo system is to be playing soothing music as dictated by Dr. Glass (see addendum 781-02). Assistant personnel are always to remotely monitor the subject's room during the night in case of any alterations. Three armed personnel are to be on alert in case of an emergency. Only if the resulting threat seems unlikely to be contained or lasts more than an hour should any violent action be attempted against SCP-781.

SCP-781 is to have a session with Dr. Glass every morning immediately upon waking for the purpose of detailing his dreams.

Description: SCP-781 appears to be an average human male of unknown descent. As of ██/██/07 the subject is 178 centimeters tall, 72.5 kilograms. The subject has pale skin, black hair, and distinctive blue-green eyes. Currently, subject appears to be approximately 16 years old - however, when he was first recovered in █/█/97, he appeared to be approximately 13 years old. Subject has been determined to be physiologically identical to average humans, and the reason for the slowed effect of aging, or for any of his other abilities, is unknown.

SCP-781 seems to have the ability to experience and control dreams; not only his own, but those of others. There seems to be no way to stop SCP-781 from accessing the dream-source other than to keep him from sleeping, which has not been necessary thus far.

The main need to contain SCP-781 is that in his sleep he unwittingly manifest objects and creatures from dreams into reality. Any manifestations created by SCP-781 are fully physical representations of what they appear to be. Several dozen come in and out of existence in a given night, but most last only a few seconds - however, many often last more. Manifestations have occured as far away as twenty (20) feet away from the subject, and one manifested they seem to be able to move out past that range, so long as the subject remains asleep.

While the vast majority of these manifestations are safe, some of them can be aggressive and dangerous, and personnel should realize they are dealing with fully material creatures capable of dealing harm.

The majority of these objects disappear after a few seconds to minutes after appearing, or upon the subject's death. However, about 2% of these objects stay in the physical realm indefinitely. The reason for this is unknown, but thankfully these have tended to be relatively normal objects, except for [DATA EXPUNGED]. Of the aggressive or dangerous entities manifested, the majority tend to attack SCP-781 savagely.

However, this has little long-term meaning, as SCP-781 seems to have the ability to come back from the dead. SCP-781 seems to die as easily as a normal human, but no matter how gruesomely or completely he is killed, he comes back. The dead body disappears about two hours after death and then reappears asleep in a seemingly random location within 20 feet from where he was at the time of death. When asked about this, SCP-781 demonstrates ignorance of the concept of a permanent death, and states that he was merely in the dreamworld. Despite this ability, personnel are instructed to keep SCP-781 alive and safe if possible, as with each death SCP-781 seems to become unstable following each death for the period of a few days, and in this state becomes increasingly likely to manifest another dangerous entity or the manifest the same entity again.

Psychological and Mental Evaluation:

SCP-781 can easily be described as emotionally unstable, though much less so than would be expected from a person that has suffered various painful and gruesome deaths. The subject behaves relatively calmly most of the time, but is prone to fits of discreet sobbing, angry bouts of yelling, openly weeping, and even violently breaking objects, and injuring himself. SCP-781 has attempted suicide on three separate occasions, but of course, merely reappeared some hours later. With therapy and medication, these inclinations have lessened, though they still occur infrequently.

SCP-781 has consistently demonstrated irregular intelligence. When he was asked to take an IQ test, he scored only a 31, which clearly contrasts with his eloquent style of speaking. He seems to have a hard time grasping concrete subjects such as the terms of physical reality; attempts to explain the quantifiable thing such as weight and length seem to confuse SCP-781.

However, SCP-781 seems to have an intuitive grasp of people; for example, he is instantly able to recognize emotions, even when concealed. He has also been noted to be able to sense when people are lying or withholding information from him. He often goes as far as to fully describe the basic personality and thought patterns of strangers he has only just met. When asked about this, the subject seems confused by the question, and remarks that it seems "obvious". The subject has taken to try and describe people by comparing them to colors, but becomes frustrated when no one is able to understand.

SCP also seems to have a facility with language. When first administered into Site 17, the subject spoke minimal phrases of English, preferring instead to use an unknown language, which analysts have concluded may be of early Asian or new world origin. Over the last eleven years however, he has learned to speak and write in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Latin, and Greek; both modern and ancient. The subject is taken to spend his days reading fiction and non-fiction alike.

SCP-781 quickly took to being called SCP-781 or simply 781 (seven-eight-one), and responds best when addressed as such. When asked if he had any other names or aliases, he seems to be unable to understand the question.

Addendum 076-01: In the time since SCP7-781's containment, he's manifested a multitude of objects and beings. Most of these manifestations are mostly benign, and several examples include:

  • Several dozen undeveloped human fetuses.
  • Swarms of butterflies, and flowers seemingly sprouting from the floor and wall.
  • Several thousand curtains, which hung form the ceiling a record of three (3) hours before disappearing.
  • Several times, nude human males or females, which usually appear curled up in bed next to SCP-781. Thus far, these dreams are the only ones SCP-781 has refused to discuss.
  • A single acorn, about 12 feet tall.
  • Etruscan Coins, looking new.
  • A tropical reef, complete with coral and fish which swam though the air
  • Several badgers eating an already dead hippopotamus.
  • A large honeycomb, full of rather angry bees.
  • Hummingbirds chasing several flying snails.

While most objects are annoying at best, a few incidents involving violent manifestations have been carefully recorded. While these manifestations are rare and have only occurred about 18 times in the time since SCP-781 has been in containment, they have always been particularly notable and have caused mild to moderate damage in terms of personnel lost or damage to the structure.

  • Three black bears, which were killed with gunfire before they hurt SCP-781 (See Addendum 781-2). However, one D-Class personnel broke his spine and was euthanized.
  • Sewage burst from the floor, accompanied by a seemingly unending swarm of rats which quickly killed and devoured SCP-781 and intervening personnel, leaving only bones and bits of flesh. The same occurrence happened the following night.
  • A large mass with several tendrils bearing sharp spines, which quickly caught and slowly killed SCP-781 and two D-Class personnel.
  • An old woman with rotting flesh, which attacked SCP-781 with her teeth and nails; though the manifestation was neutralized through heavy gunfire, SCP-781 took heavy wounds and was euthanized.
  • A statue resembling [DATA EXPUNGED]. This particular manifestation has appeared three times now, and was with [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • A man wearing a surgical mask, who sliced SCP-781's abdomen open with a scalpel before personnel could ascertain level of threat or react. SCP-781 was euthanized. The following night the same man appeared, but was neutralized by gun fire.
  • A man resembling an older SCP-781, but wearing a fur loin-cloth and wielding a bloody sword. After wounding SCP-781, this man picked up SCP-781, and with the subject over his shoulder ran through Site 17, killing twenty-three (23) D-Class personnel fifteen (15) agents before SCP-781 died from blood loss and trauma. This manifestation has appeared a record number of five times, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Personnel are instructed to terminate SCP-781 if this particular manifestation occurs.
  • Half a dozen large snakes of an unknown type, which killed three agents before being neutralized. These manifestations completely ignored SCP-781.
  • A large humanoid figure about fifteen (15) feet tall, made up of a transparent and highly acidic substance. Engulfed SCP-781 until subject died in under two minutes, presumably the corrosive damage of the substance.

Of the variety of things manifested by SCP-781, the following have managed a state of permanency within the physical realm:

  • Several mundane objects, including a ruler, a guitar, a computer mouse, and several blank books.
  • SCP-███
  • Two large sharks, and several large tuna, which quickly asphyxiated. (See Addendum 781-2)
  • Several dozen Pteropus livingstonii, also known as Livingstone's Fruit Bat

Addendum 781-02: 'Nature' Music such as bird songs or the sound of the ocean are not to be set at SCP-781's sleeping music.

Addendum 781-03: Subject has repeatedly pleaded Dr. Glass to approve a meeting between him and SCP-182. Any attempt to extract more information from SCP-781 results with him entering a quiet tantrum.

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