Oversight Disciplinary Record 79922005-oo8-Kondraki
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Incident LV3-79922005-OO8-1

Description: Caught smoking in sterile environment, despite five (5) prior warnings.

Consequences: Daily contraband check for two (2) weeks

Incident LV3-79922005-OO8-2

Description: Retrieved access to several files above his security clearance by manipulating an object later classified as SCP-515.

Consequences: Restricted to Site 17 until further investigation. Personal surveillance detail ordered.

Incident LV3-79922005-OO8-3

Description: Manipulated surveillance using SCP-515 before and during the Clef-Kondraki incident.

Consequences: SCP-515 confiscated, confined to personal quarters until the end of investigations.

Incident LV3-79922005-OO8-4

Description: Killed several low-level personnel by releasing SCP-266 into the Level 1 showers. Claimed it was a response to a prank involving habanero peppers in the coffee machine.

Consequences: Recommended termination due to breach of security protocol leading to death, in addition to prior record.

Termination Incident TLV3-79922005-OO8-1 FAILURE

Method: Release tapes of the sword fight between Dr. Kondraki and Dr. Clef to SCP-076, to incite a challenge. Dr. Kondraki would be temporarily reassigned to Site 19.

Result: While not able to defeat SCP-076, he was able to bog him down with rules and regulations essential to a competitive fencing match. Even with the loss of an arm and a goodly amount of blood, Dr. Kondraki was able to beat SCP-076 to 15 points. Dr. Kondraki was able to flee Site 19 before Able could mention “Pandora’s Box”.

Note: Next time, let’s try something a little less convoluted, something he can’t talk his way out of. - O5-3

Incident LV3-79922005-OO8-5

Description: Seven (7) counts of aggravated assault towards fellow research staff with a deadly weapon.

Consequences: Handgun is confiscated, along with bullets and several targets hung along the walls of his living quarters.

Incident LV3-79922005-OO8-6

Description: Activated SCP-252 in quarters of command personnel responsible for administering punishment for Incident LV3-79922005-OO8-5.

Consequences: Termination once again approved, under O5-4’s supervision.

Termination Incident TLV3-79922005-OO8-2 FAILURE

Method: Replaced paperwork with identical copies watermarked with several redundant memetic kill agents. Surveillance was temporarily disabled and overwritten by SCP-808.

Result: Paperwork proved a failure after Dr. Kondraki handed over the entirety of his workload over to Dr. "Iceberg" who proceeded to load it into an industrial grade shredder. A level 0 personnel tasked with Iceberg’s garbage reportedly suffered from severe heartburn throughout the day.

Note: It’s lucky that this was a normal routine for those two, otherwise I’d be out another assistant. – Dr. Gears

Incident LV3-79922005-OO8-7

Description: Caused the partial dismemberment of a variety of staff after placing SCP-330 in the faculty break room.

Consequences: SCP-330 confiscated, Dr. Kondraki barred from entering break room indefinitely.

Incident LV3-79922005-OO8-8

Description: Operated SCP-276 without authorization or proper security clearance. Also involved in the attempted murder, stabbing, and kneecapping of Naval personnel, which also involved improper treatment according to the protocols on Humanoid SCP Containment.

Consequences: Request for a third attempt at termination approved.

Termination Incident TLV3-79922005-OO8-2 FAILURE

Method: Utilizing an ongoing outbreak of SCP-718, both Dr. Kondraki and Dr. Rights would be airdropped into the area and abandoned, following with a standard firebombing of the affected area. Two Three birds with one stone.

Result: Dr. Kondraki, Dr. Rights, and Dr. Iceberg (who had somehow joined them at some point before leaving Site 19) escaped before firebombing could occur, by enlisting the help of SCP-336 with a handheld mirror. No action has been taken or proposed regarding SCP-336’s involvement.

Note: After taking into account our previous attempts, we’ve decided to take a new approach. Give him a promotion and a new clearance level. Hand him a team of researchers to boss around, and let him have a taste of the authority he seems to despise. If anything, it might keep him occupied. – O5-7

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