Recovery Log R767-1-A

Personal Log Of: Agent Megan J. █████████, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-8

SCP involved: SCP-767

Date: 23-NOV-20██

13:35 PDT

Task Force Epsilon-8 has been dispatched to Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada following reports of an uncontained anomalous artifact. We have commenced searching near the home of a person named by our sources as a probable victim.

The home seems unremarkable; there's no overt signs of oddness. Reconnaissance of the area shows no additional anomalies. Agent Marks has been assigned to watch the house for now; Agent Angell has next watch. The remainder of the team will fall back to the motel and resume investigation in a few hours

18:41 PDT

With our target confirmed, the team moves in. The victim is an affluent Caucasian woman in her mid thirties who appears to be pregnant, in the late third trimester. Victim willingly reaveals the location of the anomalous object; she seems to be confused and scared about what has happened to her. She calls herself Andrea, but won't give us much other identifying information. Very little persuasion was required to convince her to accompany us. Agent Angell took the anomalous items into custody.

The house seems to have originally had two occupants - personal effects belonging to another person, likely the victim's husband or live-in boyfriend are around, though he himself is missing. When questioned, the victim can offer no coherent answer, and when pressed, breaks down in tears. She mentioned a hunting lodge somewhere in the Yukon - we've noted this and an investigation team will be dispatched.

The main items appear to be a pair of polished metal bracelets studded with red gemstones. They're awfully heavy for their size and don't look at all tarnished - makes me think they're platinum or something. They even have their own carrying box, though I can't quite figure out what it's made of - it's got an odd texture. They're kinda cute. They'd go well with my black dress. Heck, I'd almost try them on if I didn't know the protocols about that…

22:30 PDT

We're in the air now, flying back to Site [REDACTED]. I've taken a look at the victim's ID and other effects. Everything seems normal enough, though her purse had glass fragments all through it. One of them has some etching on it that seems familiar, somehow, so I'm putting it aside for analysis. I'm curious as to where she got the bracelets, anyway. They're pretty and I'd like a pair.

From the examination, I can conclude she's about 40 weeks along. At least,that is, if this works anything like normal pregnancy - which, given what little we could pry out of her, and the neighbors, it doesn't. So, I'm not at all sure how long we have until delivery. Even in a normal pregnancy she could go into labor any time now. So, we're on hot standby for that. I have only the vaguest clue of what's in there. Our portable ultrasound machine can't make heads or tails of it, there's just too much reflection. Maybe the higher-resolution one back at medlab can get something. If not, I'll have to resort to X-rays - assuming whatever's in there isn't just outright shielded. I can't feel anything useful, either. Her belly's hard as a rock. Not surprising that close to delivery, I suppose.

22:51 PDT

Heh, I see Angell's looking the bracelets over now, too… Never thought something so ordinary could be so entrancing.

23:00 PDT

The victim's started complaining of contractions now. She says she's had a few, not very far apart. five, maybe 10 minutes, she says. I tell Marks and Angell to stand by, something in my bones is telling me this is going to go pretty fast.

23:14 PDT

I was right. She's having contractions two minutes apart. I've never seen it move this fast, but then, I've never seen this particular object before. Her waters just broke, and if I couldn't tell there was something odd about all of this before, I can now. The fluid is much thicker than typical amniotic fluid and there's quite a lot of it. I've saved a sample for the lab, but there's no time to do an on-site analysis.

Despite the intensity and frequency of her contractions, she doesn't seem unduly distressed. She rates her pain as a 2 on a 1-10 scale right now, describes the sensation as more of an urgency than any kind of pain. I can't tell if this is due to some effect of the items, or just an individual idiosyncrasy.

She says she's ready to push, but I tell her to try to hold off as long as possible. We're only a few minutes from landing, and the last thing I want is to have to try to deal with a Keter-class entity in mid-air, or some similar disaster.

23:23 PDT

Damn it, I can't believe Marks went and actually put them on! I mean, I know it's tempting, but we have our protocols… Still, as long as she takes them off before command sees it, I'll overlook this incident. I nearly did the same thing myself.

23:27 PDT

We got on the ground in record time, just in time to get her inside some kind of controlled facility. Not a moment too soon, she's crowning now. It looks like some kind of egg or the like. This just keeps getting stranger. Either way, it's mostly out of my hands now…

23:31 PDT

I managed to convince Marks to take them off before anyone saw. That was close, I wouldn't want her getting stuck on Keter duty over some shiny jewelry.

Though, that almost doesn't sound so bad, just to get to put them on once…

Following recovery by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-8, the victim was placed in the custody of Research Team 226, headed by Drs. Sorenssen and Kotov. She currently remains under guard. Research Team 226 has been given charge of the SCP-767 project.

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