Reproductive Cycle of SCP-562
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The slick mucosa coating their body has been confirmed to be the material which contains their ‘sperm’. Small ‘ovaries’ are contained in their skin. Self-fertilization can occur but results in greatly reduced reproductivity. When allowed to rub against other SCP-562 and to lick each other fertility is increased greatly due to cross-fertilization. Eggs are also contained within this Mucosa. Should they enter a mammal’s Orifice then the reproductive cycle will begin.

The larva grow consuming each other, vaginal wall linings (menstrual tissues) and semi-digested foodstuffs. When they reach a thickness of 4-5 cm in diameter and a length of 2.5-3 decimeters they will seek to exit. Frequently this is via the same hole they entered. They look like smaller versions of the adults, but are similarly proportioned though they tend to be far thicker compared to length then the more elderly of the adults.

Once they have emerged from the host they seek contact with adults of their kind. Memories are then passed down through an unknown process. After this stage they seek food, especially proteins with a marked preference for fish and insects. They grow very quickly and after one to two months are full adults. At this point growth slows but does not cease.

Members of SCP-562 that mature within humans are notably healthier, stronger, and smarter than members who are matured in primates. Members matured in primates show marked improvements over members matured in other mammals. Therefore maturation of members of SCP-562 in humans is to be discouraged.

SCP-562 begins life in the form of eggs that are spherical and approx .05mm in diameter. These eggs hatch within the host into small translucent worms. As the worms grow they develop keratinous teeth on their head, and bands of muscle around their body. This stage of growth is reached at 2 mm.

When they reach 1cm in length their cartilaginous skeletal structure begins to develop. When they reach approximately 8 cm in length they begin to develop humanoid features. Members of SCP-562 who have been artificially matured outside hosts are non-sentient and never exceed 3 feet in length. There is a positive correlation between intelligence of host and intelligence of adult form.

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