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A close up of SCP-003's circuitry

Item #: SCP-003

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject SCP-003 is to be maintained at a constant temperature of no less than 35°C and preferably kept above 100°C. In emergency situations, it is advised that the nearest personnel use their body heat to keep subject above the critical temperature. Additionally, all personnel who are required to use this method are to immediately report for sterilization.

Description: Found under conditions implied by remote viewing team SRV-04 Beta; refer to attached documents for detailed information. Subject appears to be composed of chitin, hair, and nails of unknown biology, arranged in a configuration similar to that of a computer motherboard. Subject was found upon the stone tablet on which it currently resides. Removal from this tablet is inadvisable except in case of emergency procedure above.

The runes on the tablet are not part of any known language, and flicker with pale tones. These seem to be benign effects of communication, and should be ignored by personnel.

Addendum 003-01: During power surge on date June 6, ████, the tablet runes flickered in red and yellow tones and an increase in radiation across the spectrum was measured in subject's containment area.

Addendum 003-02: We have managed to establish a link between subject and [EXPUNGED] for analysis of functions. Subject is now considered sentient, and is to be kept a minimum of 1 km from [EXPUNGED] and the resulting "by-product" at all times.

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