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Item #: SCP-010

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-010 is to be kept in a locked containment unit at all times with specially made heated/cooled walls and floors. Item SCP-010 is not to be allowed outside, or near any heating or cooling vents or any form of wind. SCP-010 is prone to violence and the horn-like objects on its head must be shaved down regularly after sedation. No personnel working within the area or with Item SCP-010 may be of First Nations heritage. Two (2) personnel must enter containment unit at a time.

Description: Discovered on 3/9/1855 in North Dakota. Believed to speak the Lakota language. Has not physically aged since containment in current location on 7/13/1899. Shows unusual symptoms of being cold when heated and hot when cooled. Class 3 hazardous containment procedures are to be maintained in the event of activity.

In the event of power failure containment unit is to be sealed shut.

Addendum: Those with Level 3 Security Clearance should see document #232-6

Document #232-6: SCP-010 additional procedures

Enclosed report by Major J. Ready regarding 10/13/1950 incident:

“One of the workers did not lock the door to the containment unit properly today after filing down SCP-010’s horns. A fan was on two doors down from the containment unit. Suddenly there was a large booming sound, like thunder, and I saw SCP-010 prying open the containment unit door. The subject was still heavily sedated and had difficulty moving, and several personnel, including myself rushed forward to push it back in. There was another booming noise and several personnel fell backward. It looked like they had been electrocuted. After several minutes, we were able to return the subject into the unit and seal it. It kept crying the entire time while it tried to escape and when it was sealed, security cameras showed the subject huddled and laughing.”

Suggest that subject be sedated permanently to avoid future complications. Fans and all methods of air conditioning are now restricted from area surrounding containment. Suggest tranquilizer guns be equipped to all personnel in future.

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