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Item #: SCP-013

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: So far, SCP-013 has been compliant with most verbal and physical commands and has been allowed to stay in a standard 15 cubic meter reinforced concrete cell built for it on site in [EXPUNGED] along with facilities for appropriate staff. If it does attempt to leave its enclosure, an order such as "Get back" or "No" in a pleasant, calm voice will cause it to return to its original position. Under no circumstances are personnel to raise their voices and attempt to forcibly command SCP-013; in such an event [DATA EXPUNGED] until deceased. No fewer than 20 class D personnel are to be in SCP-013's enclosure at any time [013-1] and those posted there are to remain with heads bowed at all times until relieved by the next shift. These shift changes should take place at 00:00hrs, 08:00hrs, and 16:00hrs.

Description: SCP-013 is generally spherical in shape and measures approximately one (1) meter in diameter with a faintly reflective surface. Subjects that focus on SCP-013's surface report seeing their chosen deity (agnostics claim to instantly have their beliefs in a higher power affirmed and atheists report seeing a depiction of an ever expanding universe). Staff have nicknamed SCP-013 "the all and nothing" as it appears to show every source of creation on record. People under the effects of SCP-121 that enter SCP-013's cell begin screaming and die of massive hemorrhage within thirty (30) seconds of exposure to SCP-013. Further research is suspended until proper protocol can be established to protect subjects exposed to both SCPs until [DATA EXPUNGED]. If a subject under the effects of SCP-121 enters the sphere's enclosure SCP-013 will press itself against the furthest wall but make no attempt to break through. As of yet, all attempt at documentation via video or still cameras have only produced an image of a metal sphere, leading some researchers to believe the images are psychic in nature.

Addendum: All staff of clearance level 2 or higher should see document #013-1 and brief class D personnel on a need to know basis.

Document #013-1: [worship protocol]

If the required amount of D class personnel cannot be obtained, staff from the next lowest level are to take their place until substitutes can be found. If fewer than 20 "worshipers" are in SCP-013's enclosure, SCP-013 will move toward the nearest wall and through unknown means, create a perfectly circular hole through which it will exit and attempt to find more "worshipers". SCP-013 can easily be contained by surrounding the subject with the required amount of personnel and slowly walking it back to its enclosure. The hole is to be immediately sealed with a patch of steel plating and concrete.

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