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Item #: SCP-016

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-016 is to remain within the confines of a five by five by five (5x5x5) meter room at all times. A magnetic field of ██████ teslas must be constantly applied inside the containment area. SCP-016 itself is to remain in the petri dish in the containment cube at all times unless directed otherwise by Level 4 or O5-x personnel. Full documentation of experimentation with SCP-016 must be submitted before and after samples and duplicates of SCP-016 may be taken. Failure to follow these procedures will result in termination or automatic loss of human rights. Violators may be considered test subjects to monitor for aberrations due to SCP-016. Only authorized personnel may be permitted to obtain samples of and experiment with SCP-016 under BC-L5 containment conditions.

If an outbreak does occur despite following the aforementioned procedures, directive base personnel are to implement a code Sigma containment plan for one (1) hour. All infected personnel are to be terminated on sight by Class D and Security personnel. If the infection is not contained after one (1) hour, code Sigma will be lifted and the back-up containment procedure will be initiated. All non-infected personnel are to report to emergency transports for immediate evacuation when this back-up is put into action. Failure to do so will result in assumption that 1) said personnel had been killed or 2) said personnel has been infected.

All personnel who do not report for evacuation will be left behind when the five (5) minute count-down for the Sigma back-up procedure begins, no exceptions.

Description: SCP-016 is a previously unknown form of life. It has been classified as a █████ sub cellular life . The origins of SCP-016 are currently unknown, although the possibility of an extraterrestrial origin is considered high. SCP-016 was brought to Area ██ on ██████ ██, ████.

The organism was originally discovered within SCP-222 which is currently under investigation. The organism was discovered on a Class-D excavator working at SCP-222 in a wound he had suffered. Continued observation noted that mutations physically and mentally continued to appear. Such mutations included.

Abnormalities and Mutations

  • Epidermal (skin became hardened, discolored and distorted).
  • Mental (two brain wave patterns became distinguished on ███, ██ ████ by ███, ██ 2006 A.D., only one very powerful brainwave pattern was detected. It was not that of the original subject).
  • Cognitive, Visual, Immune and Genetic (all aforementioned subjects were augmented beyond what was originally thought capable of a human being, though the subject was soon something not human. SCP-016 soon rewrote his genetic code).

After all the mutations had been complete as far as could be recorded, the subject had become even more violent than during the mutation process. The body had become misshapen to the point where identifying the original subject as a human was not possible.Though it had the basic shape of a human (legs, arms and other limbs), these appendages were far from human. The subject also grew to a size three (3) times that of a grown man. Weaponry could also be distinguished around the body, which included a type of heat laser, spikes and psychic abilities. Despite appearance, a high level of intelligence was detected within the creature. Further experimentation with the original subcellular lifeform and the mutation pointed to brain waves being almost completely similar. For lack of better words, the man evolved into what the organism wished to be. The byproduct of this mutation was categorized under SCP-016-1 and is now kept in an underground chamber approximately five (5) miles below the base (see subject SCP-016-1 for details and implementations for military purposes). Currently, SCP remains in containment on base for studies on possible strategic purposes and bio-weapon integration.

Addendum: Those with Level 5 Security Clearance should see document #645-1 on Project: Apex


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