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SCP-019 jumping

Item #: SCP-019

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-019 is to be kept in a securely locked containment cell, covered with at least one point five two (1.52) meters (five (5) feet) of lead and nine point one four (9.14) meters (thirty (30) feet) of concrete. The cell is to be separated by a double air-lock with reinforced shielded bulkheads and is to be equipped with its own atmosphere and temperature regulation system. The area is to be kept below minus ten (-10) degrees Celsius (fourteen (14) degrees Fahrenheit) at all times. In the event of power failure, a backup generator will activate. Should the backup generator fail, liquid nitrogen will be fed in SCP-019's cell at a constant rate with enough to last for ten (10) hours. (To prevent explosive expansion from boiling nitrogen, as the nitrogen is being pumped in the gas should be pumped out.)

No fewer than five (5) personnel may enter SCP-019's cell at any given time. All entering SCP-019's cell must wear armored class IV anti-radiation/anti-electrical suits (HAZMAT-cIV). At least three additional personnel are required to company all entering SCP-019's cell and are to be equipped with solid/liquid nitrogen slush spray guns to subdue SCP-019 if necessary.

Description: Found in the wreck of a Russian nuclear submarine in the Arctic Ocean on February 1985. SCP-019 is the size of an average adult human male and is composed of a glowing pale green translucent material with its skeletal system fully visible. SCP-019 emits high power gamma radiation at all times and has a strong personal electric potential capable of subduing unarmored personnel by touch. SCP-019 has an average body temperature of thirty (30) degrees Celsius (eighty six (86) degrees Fahrenheit). As the body temperature of SCP-019 rises, its radiation and electrical output increase exponentially (increasing by a factor of Euler's constant (e) for every ten (10) degrees).

SCP-019 has roughly five (5) times the strength of a physically fit human male, is extremely hostile and will attack at the first chance possible. SCP-019 possesses rudimentary intelligence and has been conditioned to not attack through high pressure blasts of liquid nitrogen. SCP-019 is to be fed a daily diet of protein-rich food (preferably meat). SCP-019's containment cell is to be cleared of radioactive dust and excrement weekly.

Additional: As of January 2008, subject's radiation output remains the same as when first discovered.

Addendum: On ██/██/2008, Dr. Snorlison suggested that careful observation of the EM spectrum be conducted in the presence of SCP-019. The result of this revealed that the emitted spectrum of SCP-019 was not random and in fact contained [DATA EXPUNGED]. As the record was playing, the researchers reported a strong sense of enervation. Within moments of the end of the recorded content Dr. ██████ began to bleed from his ears, and Dr. ████████ collapsed with extensive vertigo.

Later analysis of the environmental logs for SCP-019 showed that the SCP's EM output increased during this time, but was not in concert with a rise in the temperature of SCP-019. Further research into this area is suspended indefinitely.

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