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Item #: SCP-023

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-023 cannot be transported due to insufficient technological means, thus all research must be conducted in its current location. It is absolutely vital that no heavy objects (including aircraft and other vehicles) pass over the containment installation, as this interferes with the geometric layout holding SCP-023 in place. Any vehicle approaching the installation is to be immediately disabled. All structural changes to the facility above ground must adhere to precise spatial arrangement as described in attached documents. No personnel may make direct contact with SCP-023, regardless of rank or security clearance. All research must be conducted using remotely operated machines. In the event of emergency maintenance in proximity of the object, all members of the maintenance team are to be immediately terminated. This procedure must be used for all personnel, regardless of rank or security clearance, in direct visual or auditory contact with SCP-023.

Description: The underground facility is adapted from earlier installation of [EXPUNGED] origin. The inner chamber is a hollow monocrystal manufactured by unknown means, its base forming an exact equilateral triangle. The outer chamber is composed of unknown ceramic material and forms an exact rectangle, with the relation between inner and outer area following the fourth power of the 'golden ratio'. The recently constructed outer layer follows the same geometric pattern and uses specific materials, described in detail in attached documents. Several conflicting descriptions of the inner chamber's content are attached in Appendix C. No material sample could be obtained due to rapid deformation of all testing equipment in proximity of SCP-023.

12.5.1936 - discovery of the core installation
1936-1938 - initial investigation, 436 casualties
1940-1943 - construction of the outer layer, number of casualties undisclosed

Additional Notes: The facility's existence must be known to the general public as the rigorous airspace and urban planning restrictions cannot be enforced otherwise without attracting suspicion.

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