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Item #: SCP-024

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-024 is an extremely dangerous object in every sense of the word. No personnel may enter the containment area while SCP-024 inhabits it. SCP-024 must be contained within a twenty (20) by twenty (20) by twenty (20) meter room of preferably extremely radioactive material, lined with one (1) meter of lead on the outside. Type does not matter, as object will disintegrate any matter it can contact. The walls must be constantly radioactive in order to prevent SCP-024 from approaching them. If a breach of security occurs, entire facility must be bombarded with gamma radiation before any attempt to re-contain can occur. Re-containment may only be performed by Class D HAZMAT operators in heavy lead-shielded mechanical exoskeletons (type PA-112).

Description: SCP-024 takes the form of a purely black spherical shape. Light is completely absorbed by it, and from every observation angle it takes the appearance of a perfect black circle. No adverse effects have been noted from , and cannot be tested in any way, as any matter that comes into contact with it will be instantaneously disintegrated. There seems to be absolutely no way whatsoever to destroy or even damage it, but heavy gamma radiation will ward it away. So far, extreme heat and cold, as well as a vacuumed containment area have shown no effects. SCP-024 appears to be sentient or at least intelligent, as it will shy away from radioactive areas and actively seek out to consume any matter it can. There has been no known effect of the consumption of matter, and it seems that matter is not actually required to be consumed. Anti-matter and dark matter has not been tested on SCP-024 for safety reasons.

Addendum: Do not use SCP-024 as a trash receptacle. Not only is this extremely hazardous as our lead shielded exoskeletons have not been perfected, but it is also a blatant misuse of this object.

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