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Although SCP-024 is said to have many faces, this is known to be the best physical depiction of them.

Item #: SCP-024

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-024 is to be contained in a human-suitable living environment, containing a couch, a table, and restroom facilities. They should, however, have no access to a computer or the internet, as it seems this is the source of SCP-024's strength. Restricting their knowledge of current events also seems effective in degrading their abilities. Because of this, a television may be provided, but they are to be supplied only with copies of movies from the 1940s and the first season of Murder She Wrote. Their diet should consist only of foods that are low in nutritional content and high in convenience, as they seem incapable of properly consuming fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Though there are no staff that are restricted from contact with SCP-024, all staff should use caution and minimize verbal exchange with them, as several attempts have been made by SCP-024 to recruit staff into the ranks of "Anonymous" and several almost became assimilated into SCP-024 before other staff members were forced to intervene. Other than this, however, brief periods of time spent with SCP-024 seem to have no effect on staff.

Description: SCP-024 was discovered when national news media broadcasted a short report on the danger of a so called "internet hate machine." Agents were immediately dispatched, and after some investigation [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-024 was then taken into custody.

SCP-024 claims to be called "Anonymous," which seems to be both an individual and a group identity, and is constantly shifting in physical appearance, often times their traits being reported as [DATA EXPUNGED] by staff that has come in contact with them.

"Anonymous" attacks it prey by swarming in one unified and diverse group, all minds attuned to the same purpose. These attacks are usually psychological, and comprised of insults, low blows, and the occasional cheap prank, however, it is the sheer size of SCP-024 that causes these petty nuances to cause serious damage to the targeted prey.

SCP-024 has been know the take a stance against several public issues and yet, other than the news report that led to their capture, has evaded major public detection. Research suggests that this is due to the constantly changing nature of "Anonymous".

SCP-024 also claims to have no sense of forgiveness, and an infinitely accurate long term memory. They have a tendency to make references to the Christian Bible verses Mark 5:9 and Luke 8:30.

Addendum: After some questioning, it is determined that SCP-024 has an unnaturally in-depth knowledge of many SCP items, including SCP-302-J, SCP-360-J, SCP-627-J, and SCP-976-J. SCP-024 claims to possess a desire for SCP-423-J, and states that they are heavily trained in the use of SCP-628-J. They also possess an unruly desire for SCP-1004-J. When SCP-4444 was mentioned, SCP-024 became violently enraged, and started ranting about "cancer" and "████".

No cross-contamination with any of these aforementioned items can be accounted for within SCP facilities. In some instances, claims made about these items go beyond what SCP research has currently uncovered, and further examination of said items will be conducted where relevant.

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