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Item #: SCP-026

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-026 is to be kept in facility [DATA EXPUNGED] permanently. It is believed that physical proximity to certain SCPs may harm SCP-026 or cause him to injure himself (See document 026-B). SCP-026 is to be kept in a padded cell no less than four (4) by four (4) by three (3) meters. The cell should be equipped with toiletries as well as a sink, all of which are to be bolted to the floor. Lighting should be standard and turned on at 0700hrs and turned off at 2100hrs. SCP-026 is to be fed three meals a day and examined upon his request for medical ailments. Reading material may be brought to SCP-026, although it must not contain any current news information in accordance with standard SCP procedures. SCP-026 is to be recorded with both video and audio equipment at all times (See document 026-A).

Description: SCP-026 appears to be a young man of approximately ██ years of age. He was discovered in the [DATA EXPUNGED] of [DATA EXPUNGED]. For all intents and purposes SCP-026 is a normal healthy human being. MRI, PET, FMRI, and CAT scans all reveal no anomalies within SCP-026. SCP-026 appears to have the ability to detect and, at times, locate objects of possible interest. How SCP-026 can detect these objects has yet to be determined, although it has proven quite lucrative to the SCP project. Thus far SCP-026 has assisted with the location and containment of ███ SCPs. SCP-026 often falls into a trance-like state and begins giving a cryptic description of an object/being of interest; his actions during this trance have been used to gauge the danger levels of the objects/beings he describes. If the object/being is relatively harmless SCP-026 calmly goes through a description, although if the object/being which is described is dangerous SCP-026 has been known to become physically violent. SCP-026 appears to be content being confined at site [DATA EXPUNGED]. He has stated that "If you people can capture or destroy those damn things then I'll help however I can."

Document #026-A: [visions] SCP-026's visions were first documented merely by observational personnel. This proved to be ineffective, as several of SCP-026's visions were dismissed as "ridiculous" by observational personnel. The personnel have since been reassigned and replaced with a battery of recording devices.

Document #026-B: [proximity] On [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-███ escaped and was sighted making its way towards facility [DATA EXPUNGED] where SCP-026 is housed. As SCP-███ approached SCP-026 began to go into panicked fits claiming "Oh God, Oh Jesus it's finally found me!" Fortunately, SCP-███ was recaptured and relocated. After the incident personnel questioned SCP-026 about his declaration. He replied "I can see them and when I do they see me. Many of them aren't happy but they have to be stopped." SCP-026 has proven rather useful and, therefore, should be guarded from other SCPs at all times.

Addendum #01-A: "If I hear any more reports that personnel have been asking SCP-026 about the locations of personal items such as wallets and car keys, I will put a Class 3 reprimand notice on the staff files of everyone involved. The last thing this man needs is every man and his dog pestering him with their insignificant problems." - Dr Klein

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