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A Sample of the Radiated Spectrum

Item #: SCP-027

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Anomaly is located within the primary research facility of what was known as Site 03. There is no known way to eliminate or transport SCP-027. Current action taken is to quarantine the area from all outside intrusion through concrete barriers, large mine fields (both anti-personnel and anti-vehicle), SAM sites, and patrols of heavily armed, elite troops. Any living or electronic entity that enters the designated quarantine zone is to be destroyed immediately. No personnel, including Class D personnel are permitted within the quarantine zone.

Description: Initial effects on Site 03 were complete deterioration of all local electronic equipment and neurological tissue in an exponential manner. All electronic devices connected to the internal network immediately ceased function, giving the error message [DATA EXPUNGED]. All backup systems also immediately ceased function upon coming online. Within an hour of the initial disturbance, systems that could be connected to the network but were not began to show signs of reduced function. By the end of the hour all present machines ceased function. At this point all network lock down procedures were initiated to their full extent for both the secondary and primary research facility. How the anomaly spread to humans is unknown, although the primary theory is misuse of SCP-████. Evidence of effects on humans occurred approximately thirty (30) minutes after the internal network failed. Those who worked within a wireless network's range are believed to have been the first of those to be affected. How the anomaly spread amongst humans is also unknown, although there is a theory (see [Document 1CE-027]). Those affected either slowly became comatose to the point of death, or became psychologically unstable to the point homicidal and suicidal mania. What happens after prolonged mania has not been recorded. All reports were collected and transmitted by the secondary research facility before all connections were disabled.

Document #1E-027:
Who: Dr. ████████ ████████████

When: ████████████████████████

Where: Site 19, Primary Research Facility

What: Requesting access to a sample of SCP-121

Why To utilize the sample as a benchmark for ESP testing on humans in
order to further understand the reason behind SCP-027's effects on humans.
Also to further look into [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum #1: At the time of the incident there were thirty four (34) class "Safe" objects, seventeen (17) class "Euclid" objects, and four (4) class "Keter" objects were located within Site 03. It is believed that emergency protocol XT-████ resulted in the destruction of a majority of the anomalous materials, however, some objects, including all the "Keter" objects were considered indestructible.

Addendum #2: Remote sensors indicate extreme amounts of energy being expelled, centered on the primary research facility. In response, actions are being taken to expand the quarantine zone an additional one hundred (100) kilometers in all directions.

Addendum #3: Further analysis of the energy being radiated indicates virtually all it it falls within the visible spectrum corresponding to the color blue. The significance of this band is currently unknown.

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