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Late-18th Century Sketch of SCP-029

Item #: SCP-029

Object Class: Euclid (Keter class currently being considered)

Special Containment Procedures: Standard biological containment and contamination procedures must be observed when handling SCP-029. When attached, both SCP-029 and its host are to be under twenty four (24) hour armed guard. Host is to be terminated at the first inclination of violence, mood swing or at any sign of the host attempting to remove or damage SCP-029. Guards themselves are instructed not to damage SCP-029 under threat of execution.

Description: SCP-029 is a prosthetic arm made of iron, created for a German knight, Götz von Berlichingen, in 1504, when he lost his right arm below the elbow to enemy cannon fire. At some point, the artificial limb acquired a biological component unknown before 1836. Resembling a gauntlet from a suit of armor, it was thought to contain mummified tissue within it until a museum researcher reached into SCP-029. After painfully excising the researcher's hand, the mummified flesh within came to life, complete with blood flow, respiration and a cardiovascular system.

SCP-029 is classified as a symbiotic/parasitic entity. As a prosthesis, SCP-029 appears to have both mechanical components consisting of hinges, springs and wire pulleys and biological attributes like bone, sinew and muscle fiber. Bone resembling rows of teeth line the opening of the gauntlet and it readily attaches to any limb presented to the opening. It painfully cleaves the flesh of its host and integrates itself into the nervous and cardiovascular system of its human symbiote. Within a few minutes, the human host has the ability to make general manipulations to the prosthesis and within seven (7) to ten (10) days SCP-029 becomes a fully functional limb. The hand portion of the prosthesis is several times stronger than an average humans and is capable of bending construction quality steel rods several centimeters thick. The flesh, bone and muscle making up the biologic portion for SCP-029 appears to contain human DNA. Though sequencing has produced several disparities that may be viral in origin.

If damaged, SCP-029 repairs or heals itself though an unknown process. If the metal gauntlet is damaged, iron used to repair or replace the damaged area is taken from iron found in the host's blood cells. SCP-029 does this at great expense to the host, with little observable concern to the health of its human. In return, it's believed that SCP-029 secretes hormones into its human symbiote which increase the overall strength and endurance of host by encouraging muscle and tissue development. Unfortunately, the human host experiences psychological effects observed as amplified emotional states, delusions of grandeur and belief that he/she is invincible, though this has been more observable in some and less in others.

Research on the origin of SCP-029, its prolonged effects on hosts and efforts to duplicate its abilities are currently being implemented.

Addendum: The apparent congruences between SCP-029 and SCP-047 have led toward combined research efforts to explain the similarities between the two. However, research has been hindered after Incident-029/047A, in which hosts armed with either object attacked one another and caused considerable damage to Armed Research Site-45, which resulted in numerous deaths and failure of facility containment.

When in the presence of Host-029, Host-047 becomes aggressive and violent and makes attempts to destroy SCP-029 and its host, regardless of the previous relationship between either host. Though both hosts involved in Incident-029/047A were successfully terminated by SCP forces, the differences between SCP-029 and SCP-047 became exaggerated.


  • The most obvious effect SCP-029 has on its host is the incredible speed, strength and agility the host exhibits. During the events of the Incident, Host-029 (#0071 actual) was able to maintain composure and coherency, and attempted to work with SCP forces to contain SCP-047 and its host.
  • The host of SCP-029 (#0071 actual) is officially listed as "Terminated." SCP-029 and the "body" of its host are currently located at [DATA EXPUNGED].


  • The host of SCP-047, became unstable and incoherent during the Incident, speaking in an unknown language. Researchers using recordings of audio have not been able to translate. Host-047 (#0561 actual) was not known to have violent tendencies before acquisition of SCP-047. Before said Incident, Host-047 (#0561 actual) was responsible for fourteen (14) attacks, and two (2) breaches of containment.
  • Host used object abilities to absorb metal barricades and equipment to form melee weapons of various shapes and sizes.
  • Even after host had been terminated, SCP-047 attempted locomotion and destruction of SCP-029.
  • SCP-047 has no biological component, as apparent when it maneuvered free of its deceased host.
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