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A realistic replica of SCP-032.


Item #: SCP-032

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-032 must not be transported or interacted with by any but the most essential personnel. SCP-032 is to be kept fully isolated, suspended by its own apparent free will. SCP-032 is never to be touched, edited, or tampered with in any fashion. Given the extreme nature of the results of not complying with protocol, termination of personnel is necessary. All research is to be conducted using remotely operated machines. In the event of emergency maintenance in proximity of the object, the maintenance team is to be terminated. This procedure must also be used for anyone, regardless of rank or security clearance, in direct visual or auditory contact with SCP-032.

Description: SCP-032 resembles a small marble upon first glance, but further investigation revealed that manipulation of the marble had immense influence on the planet Earth. Various weather effects and natural disasters occurred with only the slightest influence from outside forces. It appears that it would only take the slightest effort to destroy the object, and such actions are to be prohibited, and the object is to be sealed off from all personnel except those with at least level-4 clearance, and only under circumstances deemed necessary. Those who may notice the distinct formation of continents on object code-named Mother may be compelled to tamper with it, thus all security measures must be strictly enforced.

Additional Notes: Transport of SCP-032 has been the cause of major natural disasters around the globe. The nature of the disasters have been explained by the media in an untrue fashion for the safety of the public and our organization. No truths must leave the holding area, as knowledge of SCP-032 must be kept to a minimum.

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