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Item #: SCP-034

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-034 is to be left unplugged and confined to a standard arcade cabinet storage crate. The device is not to be plugged in unless being tested in the soundproof laboratory under the jurisdiction of Dr. ██████ ███████. All test subjects, security, and medical staff must be tested for epilepsy as a prerequisite for participation in any data collection. During data collection, there is a minimum requirement of two (2) security and one (1) medical staff member to be present. All attending security and medical personnel must wear protective eyewear and noise canceling headphones. Under no circumstance may any member of staff duplicate the software contained in SCP-034. Any attempts to distribute a copy will result in immediate termination and disposal of all related hard and soft copies. Post-exposure testing should include a full analysis of REM cycle disruption and a series of psychiatric evaluations by Dr. ███████.

Description: SCP-034 is a plain black arcade cabinet with a banner on the head board of the word POLYBIUS. It was discovered in an abandoned arcade in Portland, Oregon in 1981. It appears to function as a normal arcade game cabinet, and gameplay is similar to that of Tempest. The only clear difference between the two is the background and sound design. The background light and sound patterns of SCP-034 have been linked to unpleasant side-effects, including amnesia, insomnia, night terrors, and even suicide. The device has an immediate addictive effect on the player and any onlookers. All direct exposure victims have been unable to recount any information regarding the machine, and have been diagnosed with Alzheimers. Some secondary exposure victims have recalled incidents with Sinnesloschen employees collecting data and removing machines from arcade locations. This device has been classified as Safe by [DATA EXPUNGED] though its research is currently under the direction of Dr. ██████ ███████, with all interactions with SCP-034 subject to his approval. Initials in the list of "High Scores" include HRC, JBT, XXX, and others.

Addendum 034-01: Attempts to contact Ed Rottberg of the company Sinnesloschen, who is allegedly the responsible head of staff on the Polybius project, have failed. Upon further investigation into the whereabouts of Ed Rottberg, no records of his existence have been found outside of the credits in the game.

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