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SCP-039, adult form

Item #: SCP-039

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-039 is currently sealed in a steel-lined room of reinforced concrete. The two-stage airlock must have one section sealed at all times. Any personnel attempting experimentation on SCP-039 must do so via robotic assistance. No biological material is allowed in containment area. Anything coming in contact with SCP-039 is to be held in the airlock for 24 hours and observed for any infestation. Any biological matter coming in contact with, or infested by, SCP-039 is to be terminated and sealed in containment area. Any and all electronic equipment within a fifty-meter radius of SCP-039 is to be encased in heavy EMI shielding.

Description: SCP-039 was recovered in India, in a town uninhabited for several years. It is unclear if SCP-039 is actually an animal, as its structure is more akin to crystalline formations than DNA. SCP-039 is a form of parasite, several inches long at maturity but microscopic at its “larval” or spore stage. It seeks out higher mammals, bonding via several small claws to the host’s spine. A single host may have multiple infestations of SCP-039. SCP-039 takes over the body’s autonomic nervous system (thus making removal deadly to the host), fills the host's bloodstream with spores, and then becomes dormant. These spores migrate out to the dermis after a few days, encapsulating in cysts below the epidermis. Hosts report a slightly increased level of forgetfulness and a vague sense of paranoia.

Most host organisms appear totally unaware of infestation until nearing an electrical device. Any electric field or electrical event that occurs near SCP-039 causes it to reproduce. Spores rupture from the cysts, and both larva and adults will quickly kill and consume the host. SCP-039 has proven very difficult to destroy: the currently contained swarm has recovered from most biological and artificial toxins and radiation exposure of more than 3000 Gy.

Addendum: Those with Level 4 Security Clearance may view the following.

Document #456-7: [test subject TS-0984 exposed to SCP-039. Presided over by OP-09 and OP-19.] TEST LOG: ENTRY #00001. RECORDING OF FIRST TEST ON SCP-039.

OP-09: Can you communicate with it? ████? Hey, what are you…
TS-0984: Oh Jesus. Oh God. I… (unintelligible mumbling).
OP-09: ████, can you…
TS-0984: ཨཱིན་ ཐེ་ དརྐ་ ཨཱི་ སྤེཨཀ་. (Tibetan. Unintelligible)
OP-19: What is wrong with him?!
OP-09: I don't… (unintelligible).
TS-0984: SORORES NOSTRA LUPI VIA SUNT. (Latin, roughly translates to "our sisters are the road wolves")
TS-0984: ཨཱི་ སེཨེ་ ཐེ་ རེད་ དོཨོར་ ཏོ་ དེཨཐ་. (Tibetan, roughly translates to "the blood pours hard in the eye")
OP-09: (unintelligible screams).

Addendum: OP-09 died of a stroke and the collapse of one of his lungs during this test. He was later infested by offspring coming out of TS-0984 (from SCP-039). It appears that, by itself, SCP-039 is a basic (if very bizarre) parasite. When bonded to a host, it appears to "record" the host's brain patterns, while also "injecting" several of its stored patterns. These recordings are passed on to offspring, and a single SCP-039 may have hundreds of "recordings". During the spawning process, these recordings attempt to overwrite the host's brain pattern, while also appearing to augment strength and telekinetic ability. TS-0984 went insane due to the sudden overlay of twelve different brain patterns over his own. It is unclear if there is a "central" recording belonging only to SCP-039.

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